1. hello im new to the hermes forum and so i dont know many details about the bag i own. its a green kelly im not sure of the size but i know its the rigid one with gold hardware. it doesn't have a date stamp on it but i think its probably 30 years old. so anyway i wanna sell it. where should i sell? eBay? how much should i expect to get? its missing the lock but i have the keys and the shoulder strap and bag. its in pretty good condition. i was looking at a christies catalogue and i saw a bunch of kellys and birkins. maybe i should contact them? thanks so much for any information :smile:
  2. Hi and welcome! Other than eBay, a reputable reseller may be able to help you out. There is a list in the ref section
  3. Rose is right, E bay is ok, to try and sell it,

    Christies prices where amazing and not at all normal, it had the cache of the owner behind the bags