1. Hi everyone,

    I'm a complete novice to the whole luxury bag market and am hoping someone out there has some advice. I'm looking for a nice bag that can double as a work/weekend bag. What is a good investment bag that's not too flashy?

  2. price range or brand preference?
  3. also..what kind specifics are you looking for? Leather, patent leather, there are lots of specifics we need!!!
  4. oh and..WELCOME!
  5. I'm hoping to pay less than $1500 (tax incl). My preference would be for a leather bag. I have no idea as to what brand is considered a classic upscale bag : ( Yes, need serious help!
  6. Hmm, look into Balenciaga. They make some very nice colours, the leather is beautiful, and I think the city or work (maybe even weekender) styles may be what you're looking for. Welcome and good luck!
  7. Oh, they are also quite understated (not flashy at all...except the super bright colours, maybe)
  8. Thanks for the suggestion!
  9. Look at Lambertson Truex. Great classic bags that I think are timeless. Made in Italy of beautiful durable leathers!, they smell great!

    Look on their website, you can find them at NM, Bergdorfs, Saks and many boutiques.