1. Hi, can anyone tell me how much the kelly 28 and/or 32 in evergrain, box or swift cost in the us?

    I am in europe and want to make sure with the euro that it's almost the same pricing.

    Also with the vat tax return, how does that work? Thank you!!!!
  2. Hi, I am located in Hong Kong, and the price of HK should be the same as in the US. I've checked the prices of Evelyne in HK and it's the same as in the US.

    I know a Hermes 32 Togo Leather would cost USD5660. It would be similar if you get it in different leathers (except exotic leathers). For box (because the threading is done outside), it will be a little bit more expensive, maybe about USD200-250 more.

    It's very easy to get tax return. Ask your Hermes boutique staff to fill in the tax return form for you, and remember to bring your Hermes bag to the airport to show the airport staff.The staff would chop the VAT form for you, and you can go to the money exchanger (can't remember the name, but it's a famous one) beside that VAT counter to get back CASH!!! Which is great, as you can get the CASH instantly! The VAT will be around 11-13%.

    I came back from Paris and London 2 mths ago and this was the VAT return process.

    Hope this info helps.

  3. Thxs!!!