advice :/

  1. hi girls everyone knows i visit the forum for a bit now and love everyones bags and just knowing all about Bal bags. Im not faced with the horrible thing of having to let go off one of my b-bags. And have chosen to part with the rouge vif work. My question is to those who had to do this before is how do i go about it? Do i use eBay? i've never used it and i know if i join the fact i have no feedback looks bad. Yet what other options are there or how can i reflect i'm a trustworthy seller? thanks girls!! all advice is welcome
  2. There is always the possibility to sell your bag through a consignment shop. There are two online that specialize on BBbags (actually run by members of tpf). They do take a percentage of the selling price tho, so you might get more cash out of selling on eBay.

    Yes, it probably is a little harder to sell with no feedback, but if you decide on eBay:
    In the description you should definitely state that you are a member of the purse forum. You can also encourage the interested bidders to research on how to authenticate Bbags, for example by posting links to attelier.naff and the purse forum. Many reputable sellers do this on their auctions.

    Good luck!