Advice?? YSL, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Ferragamo, etc.

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  1. Cleaning out my closet. Looking to get rid of my bags on ebay but not really sure on what is fair price for the bags. They are all in Great Condition, Not used more than approx. couple months. I'm not sure of their exact name of bags, so I'm not sure if I should list on ebay if I don't know the exact name of bag. :shame:
    Here is a small list on what I have:
    YSL Mombasa (Denim w/ Leather Trim)
    YSL Studded Tote (Orange)
    Marc Jacobs Hobo (Black)
    Marc Jacobs Tote (Not sure of name)
    Prada Diaper Bag w/ Mat & Towel
    Gucci Leather Bag (Green)
    Gucci Tote Brief (Metallic Leather)
    Feragamo Tote (Black)

    I could provide pics if anyone is a pro at naming the bag and what is a fair price. Thanks for any advice anyone can give. :biggrin:
  2. I start most of my auctions at $1 and the bidders will take it to the average level. Making it higher would be totally fine too, but I never do reserves because I think it just pisses the bidders off. lol
  3. when you sell you should consider how much you're looking to get, how much it actually retailed for, was it a highly sought after bag and how much wear it shows.