Advice with new paddington keychains

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  1. Hi

    I was given two Paddington keychains as a gift. The one that actually looks like the bag. One in red and one in black.
    I'd really like to hang them on my bag but i'm really not good with colours and matching things e.t.c.
    So i thought i would come here and ask as you all know so much and your always a great help when i'm browsing these boards. :biggrin:
    I have a classic paddington in red patent leather, a black baby paddington and a blue loaf.
    Can anyone please give me some advice as to which colours will match with what, because i really have no clue lol.
    Does the bag have to match the actual keychain in colour? or is it ok just as long as the colours go together?

    Please help. and thanks :biggrin:
  2. I would put the black keychain on the red bag and the red keychain on the black or blue bag. I'm not a "matchy-matchy" type person and like contrast.
  3. I agree - i think this combination would look the best!
  4. the black would look good on the red!!

    post some pics :smile:
  5. Thanks everyone.
    I will post photos when i can.
    I forgot to ask, does this keychain have to go on a paddington? or can it go on another bag?
    Putting it on my keys is a BIG NO, as it will get knocked around alot, but i was thinking about what it would look like on another bag.

    Thanks again for your help :biggrin:
  6. ^^Can definitely go on another bag, nothing wrong with mixing styles and/or brands....
  7. Thankyou thankyou thankyou, i will definetly try that out then.
  8. ITA:yes:
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