Advice: White LV & Mahina L & Surya

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  1. Hello Everyone...I have not posted in centuries...sorry but I need to buy a couple of bags...a white and a black bag.

    For White: I need advice...I know about the Galliera Azur (I already have the Galliera Mono and an Azur Speedy that I never use) but I would prefer a bag that's all white like a Mahina there such a thing?

    For Black: I am between the Mahina L and the Surya. Do you know if the Surya would come in L rather than XL...I think is a bit too big but I like the patent leather...I also like the regular leather but I'm still undecided...what do you reccomend?

    Thanks :P
  2. Yes there is an off white mahina but I am almost sure the XL size is completly sold out. There may still be a few XXL floating around.
    How about something in ivory epi?

    For black go for the Mahina L
  3. I vote for the Mahina L too... I think this one will be a classic. If I was gonna invest in something, I would want it to stand the test of time and I think the Mahina would do that more so than the patent look of the Surya and the not so universal in season of the Galliera Azur. I think I would give my Mahina to my daughter...that's how much I love it!!!
  4. You may want to take a look at the Suhali line for black or white bags.