Advice? Which Speedy to buy?

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  1. Hi, I am considering buying my first LV, and I've decided on a crossbody Speedy. I need something that zips closed, has the option to carry in hand or crossbody, and is at least a medium-sized bag. I like easy in and out, and need for everyday and shopping, etc. I'm a mom, and I have a large wallet, sunglasses case, extra shopping bags, and a makeup bag with do-dads and a phone and large set of keys. That's the minimum and sometimes I have more, such as eyeglasses and a small bottle of water.

    Any advice on what size to get? Thank you so much for your help!!!!
  2. At least a Speedy B 30 and above. The 25 doesn’t fit too much and is relatively small; so it might not fit your lifestyle. There’s a big jump between each sizes, but if you want one to include your shopping bags (not entirely sure what you mean by this), then I would look into a B35. I think a B30 would sound good though for your everyday items (sans shopping bags).
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  3. I think B 30 would fit your lifestyle better. Though personally i end up carrying my B 25 more often. I feel as a crossbody B 25 looks much better.
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  4. Agreed with the above. Go with 30. I have the 25 and feel like it was too cramped with all that
  5. I agree with the above posters. I have 30s and they are perfect. 25 is too small, and 35 is huge IMO
  6. I’m a mom of 2 and own the B 25 and a classic 30. For me, the 25 looks much better crossbody. I find I can fit plenty in it and have a little room to spare. It does sound like you carry a bit more than I do though, so you may be better off with the 30 as it most importantly needs to
    function for you. Enjoy whichever you choose!
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  7. Love my Speedy B 30 DE.

    Also love my 25B in Empriente, but use the 30 much more. I can throw in my essentials, iPad, a wool scarf as needed, umbrella, some produce (I always refuse bags at the grocery), whatever. Totally durable. Love it.
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  8. Thanks for the input! I live in CA where you have to bring shopping bags. They fit in a small makeup pouch in my purse. If I don’t carry at least one or two I’ll forget.
  9. You’ll be fine in a 30. I put a lot in there and there’s almost always still room. I like the 35 for carrying more during travel - but not crossbody. I hand carry only with that one.
  10. I love crossbody, so the 25 was best for me and I do fit a lot in mine with the Samorga organizer...but since you are a mom, I think you'd be better off with the 30!
  11. Mom of 2 small kids (1 & 4) also in CA here! I have a speedy b 30 in DE and it’s perfect. It can hold a ton when I need to - snacks/ diapers/ wipes/ small notepad + crayons for the kids, catch-all for all my odds & ends/clemence wallet/sunglasses/eyeglasses/phone/keys for myself. All that with some room to spare!
    I also have a graceful mm that I could fit it all in. Once in a blue moon I switch to the graceful but I always find myself switching back to the speedy the next day. It’s just easier to carry with the option of going crossbody and it’s more secure with the zipper! DE is amazing cuz it’s so carefree. Hope this helps!
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  12. Go with the B30. I love mine
  13. I found the same with my Graceful MM... I always go back to a Speedy after a day or so
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  14. i have both bags as well. I bought the matching Bandouliere strap and made my graceful a crossbody and it is a game changer!
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  15. I’ll have to try this!