advice: which consignment shop should i bring my items to sell - nyc?

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  1. Hi all,

    I have a coach bag, coach french purse wallet and michael kors continental wallet that i'm looking to sell... can't be bothered with ebay right now, i just want to drop these items off at a consignment shop/thrift shop.

    the coach bag is about 7 years old but in great great condition, purchased for $230 the coach wallet is about 5 years old and shows slight discoloration but is still in good condition, purchased for $125. the MK wallet is almost 2 years old and is still in very good condition, purchased for $138.

    where in NYC do you recommend i bring these items? i tried to do some research on here about NYC consignment shops but most were for upscale items and i know these designers are much lower on the totem pole and the coach items are pretty old.

    id really prefer it if anyone could suggest a place that will just give me money upfront for the stuff... i've literally had these items sitting in my closet for months and months... now i just want to get them out of here... with hopefully some cash in my hand :biggrin:

    TIA, you guys rock!
  2. Consignment stores here are soooo picky. I recommend Buffalo Exchange or Crossroads Trading Company. They will give you money up front. It's not much - about 30-35% of what they will sell it for. But it's better than nothing! I think both of these stores have locations on W. 26th St. So if one doesn't take them, try the other one!