Advice! Which Botkier??!!

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  1. Going to buy my 1st Botkier bag and need to find out which one is cuter, more durable, more functional yet stylish. It's between the Luxe Trigger (small) in metallic mauve or the Mini Holster in metallic chestnut. Of course, these are the only ones from which I can choose since they're on sale and damn if I'm going to miss out on a great sale! (Pics are obviously not the colors but just for reference).
  2. I vote for #2. I was never a fan of the little side pouches on the first and I think that clip over the opening will either be a PIA to open and close or you'll just have it dangling.
  3. I prefer the black Trigger
  4. I actually like the read one. It is a very striking bag!
  5. I like the Trigger the best, but part of the Botkier appeal for me is the long tabs and the side zippers. What color are you looking at? (I wish they still had black!)
  6. I vote for the black Trigger as well. It's a classic (for this line) and will stay in style longer, I think.
  7. I ordered the mini-holster--wanted something secure for my trip to Las Vegas in March. I love the style on the other bag as well though.
  8. really it is between mauve and chestnut - initially I vote chestnut - but, what suits your style and dress better?

    Both bags are cute, functional, and seem durable...I really think it is a color issue - I almost regret buying a metallic (anthracite) paddy; so, my advice is be sure you can use the color.
  9. I like the Trigger style better. But that red color is nice!
  10. Well I wish I could get the Trigger in the chestnut but I just can't tell the exact color of the mauve. As we all know, color swatches can differ dramatically from the real color of the handbag so it's a toss up. I like the lines of the Trigger but probably don't carry enough stuff to fill it up. Does anyone know if it holds its shape?
  11. Jasanna - chemlex had a great suggestion, go to other sites (especially eBay) that have pictures of the bag in that color to help you decide. I love love pink and really wanted the Trigger bag that you are looking at in the Metalic Mauve (since I just bought another brown bag) and after looking at several pictures, all of them look rather peachy or salmon colored so for me that made me decide agianst it, but if you like a warm peachy color go for it. Just make sure as there are no refunds or exchanges on their sale items. The metalic chestnut really looks pretty (and I'm still thinking about getting it, just not sure if the handles are long enough for me to carry it on my shoulder) Hope this helps.
  12. I like the Trigger, but wish it was in the red color of the first bag (sorry for not being helpful). I know that they come in different sizes, and I've seen some girls carry it around here. It looks like it holds it's shape relatively well. Let us know what you decide.
  13. As you can probably tell from my avitar, I like the red mini holster. :amuse:
  14. All your suggestions were great and have been taken under advisement. Thanks very much! After some deliberation, I don't think I'm that into that pinky color. Seems to light for me. I'm probably going to go w/ the Mini Holster in metallic chestnut since I don't have anything like that in my collection. If all else fails, I can just buy another one (Trigger) to add to my collection! Ha!:P

  15. Edsbgrl -- Is your avitar pic metallic chestnut or more of a bronze color? It's really pretty!