advice??? what would you do...

Sep 25, 2010
when youre buying your bags off your wishlist what do you do get the more expensive bag first or the less expensive one??
i want a prada saffiano lux tote bn1786 in black or a ysl oversize muse also in black and a speedy 35 azur
now im going on vacation and was thinking about just getting a azur nf gm instead of the speedy..... i just dont know what to do because this purchase will be in feb so i have 2 weeks to think.
get the ysl or prada and not the speedy
or get the speedy and just save the money


Aphrodite A
Jul 18, 2010
I would get the one I would use most, or the one I need right away. You might need the NF for your vacation, but will you still want the azur Speedy on you wish list?

My SA said GST won't go up in price until at least august, so you have time for that, what about YSL and Prada? Do they have price increases coming up? LV is rumored to have an increase any day, maybe get LV first?


Mar 27, 2009
Perth, Western Australia
I prioritise, for example, my vintage Gucci tote (which I use for uni) I've had to recently retire, it couldn't handle all the books etc.
I was planning on buying an Alma and Noe (pre-loved) next but bought the Neverfull GM today as it will be the perfect uni bag. Price comes into play only if the bags are more 'I just want one' rather than 'I need this'. In that situation I'd go for whichever is cheaper.

Out of the three are there any which are LE/hard to find (I know Speedy isn't)? I passed on buying a Muse Two four years ago, and I'm still regretting it :sad: If any of them are a LE colour or style, I'd go for that one first. Don't get an NF if it isn't what you really want...
Sep 25, 2010
none of them are limited edition
i just need a black bag i dont have one yet and the ysl and prada are both classic handbags
the price point is
speedy/ neverfull
if i get the neverfull id still get my speedy i have a neverfull mm and speedy 35 already both in mono and i dont mind having the same bag in the same print i love both of them....
so getting the neverfull gm first then speedy later isnt an issue
i just dont what i should get? wait to get the azur before i go on vacation?


Sep 27, 2009
I would buy the more expensive bag because you'll save more in the face of an imminent price increase.
Sep 25, 2010
Personally, I'd probably buy either the Prada or YSL first... but if you'd like a bag for your vacation, then I think the Azur NF is a really good choice :smile:
i think im gonna do that....
now idk which to get prada or ysl......
hmm and the NF can wait till may so i can get a nice little patina before we go on vacation in the end of july