Advice-What to do!? Pull in quilted Marc Jacobs!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just purchased a Marc Jacobs Ursula (Patent) quilted bowler, and I noticed on one of the back of the handles, there is a slight pull on the stitch in the quilt...that one stitch is not as tight as the others and the thread is getting a bit fuzzy....(could be a knot that was needed during the sewing, but not sure)
    I'm just a bit worried it would get worse over time or the stitch could break and start to unravel on the bag...
    also I do tend to get quite anal about my purses and and slight imperfections that my hubby often shakes his head at me at stores when I can't decide between two or worse, more bags!

    Should I worry about it? (is it one of those things I will forget about once the bag is not as new?) Is it worth doing an exchange? I got it through Bluebeeonline, so would have to purchase another one, compare the two and send one back...i'm thinking...(and they have a waitlist now I believe!)...

    I was wondering if anyone with Marc Jacobs quilted bags have experienceed pulls or slight pulls on their stitching and also if anyone has experience with Marc Jacobs overall service... are they good about service/ repairs for their bags? We all know how Coach and Louis Vuitton are great with their service and pretty much lifetime warrantee.... I'm wondering if I had a problem with this or another of their bags, if they would be accomodating and do what it takes to get it fixed.

    PLEASE help! thanks!
  2. If it really bothers you...send it back right away...Otherwise you will never love that bag again!
  3. Thanks for the advice, Jill. My hubby says to return it too... that it can only get worse...
  4. I have a few broken stitches on my Petrol MP and it really hasn't affected the rest of the stitches. It doesn't really bother me, but in your case, if it's something that you're not happy with, then send it back. I'm sure that if you call and explain the situation to bluebee, they will mostly likely exchange your bag without having to be on the waitlist. Good luck!
  5. thanks thithi, that helps... to know it hasn't affected the rest of the stitches!

    i think i'll send it back only if I can def. get a diff. one without any problems...since I got this one discounted...i would rather keep it with one loose stitch than not have one...

    but if anyone knows about MJ and their service/repairs, please let me know..still curious about that....also, if anyone else with stitch problems on quilting?
  6. i've heard you can dab clear nail-polish on frayed stitching to prevent it from getting worse. i've done a lot of DIY bag repair, but it kinda depends how crafty you are.........
  7. that's a good idea! sort of like the run in the hose type fix. I bet that will stop the fraying quickly!
  8. Jun3,

    I really like the clear nail polish idea! thanks! will use it if I keep the bag...
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