Advice: what shoes should I wear with this dress?

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    I just got this dress to wear to a daytime wedding in LA next month. I don't like the shoes this model is wearing with it- I think they look too heavy for the dress! So does anyone have any suggestions as to what shoes I should wear???

    I was thinking about the Jimmy Choo "jag" in black (not because of the name of course ;)) Here is a pic- this shoe but not this color (although love it for jeans)

    Does anyone have any other suggestions??? Please help! All suggestiosn are greatly appreciated:biggrin:
  2. I think your choice is really nice. They will go perfectly.
  3. Very nice.
  4. Thanks rankskimmie and Tpr Speedy! I really appreciate your input!!!

    Another member suggested a coral shoe to pop and stand out- what do you think? I really need to look fab for this- so please, feel free to suggest another shoe ladies! I am open to any suggestions!!!!

    P.S. And please don't be afraid to tell me that you hate the dress either- its really pretty IRL, but not something I would usually wear.
  5. I think you need go to with something with a strapy look, like the one you picked out. You could go for a metallic or pick a pop of color in patent leather! Didn't see anything that caught my eye--but hopefully that gives you some ideas.
  6. I think a nice subdued coral color halter sandal would be nice. But, the dress is already so pretty with that print on it that I would think you might want to keep the attention on the dress with just a simple J. Choo black halter like you show above. JMO though.
  7. Although I love the idea of the coral, I think the black is best!
  8. i would go with a lighter tone, instead of black. since it's a daytime wedding and it's spring!

  9. You could wear a black shoe or a white shoe. I would do something strappy, maybe something with rhinestones. I would do a red sandal or peep toe. I would the new chirstian louboutin sandals.
  10. i don't like the printed shoes. You need one color since the dress is printed.
  11. I agree! An off-white strappy shoe would look great!
  12. Great suggestions ladies! Thank you so much- and keep them coming!

    I wouldn't do the printed shoes- that was just the only pic I could find of that type of sandal- I would do it in black although I love the leopard for jeans. BTW which Laboutin sandals were you referring to??? :love:
  13. I think a bright color (maybe red, pink) in patent leather would look cute. I love the cute!!
  14. Thank you! I really did not like it at first, but loved it once I finally tried it on! Still need to find shoes, AAHHHHHHHH!
  15. What about these shoes? I just found them on Zappos couture- they are vera wang. Not sure if they go with the dress though.... What do you think- these or the Jimmy Choos above (in black or powder pink)