Advice wanted re Birkin 25

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  1. I've been offered one and I don't know if I should take it or pass it. I love tiny bags and clutches and I already have a decent collection of bags for every day.
    It looks great on me, which I found surprising, I love the colour and it's probably a pretty unique piece.

    Should I consider it or totally pass?

    Thanks for your advice!
  2. You know Perja, until recently I would say pass. But I got to see and hold gracekelly's 25 Togo Vert Anis and it was stunning! I couldn't believe how roomy it was for a "tiny" bag. Didn't really feel "precious" if you know what I mean.

    If offered one I would snap it up. I think it's a great, throw your stuff in little tote. And a Birkin is always a Birkin regardless the size.

    Please let us know if you proceed and the specs so we can live vicariously through you....
  3. Perja, how tall are you? I wore my 25cm Birkin to the NJ luncheon yesterday and the ladies were surprised at how much it can hold. I love this bag with all my heart but for a taller lady I think it would look too small. I'm only 4'10" so the bag is well proportioned for me.

    BTW, what color/leather is the 25 you were offered? :nuts:

    ETA: Oh, if it looks great on you - then by all means buy it!!!!
  4. I'm 5ft9 and it looks like a small bag (but not ridiculous)... The only reason I didn't snap it up is because of the price, to be honest.
  5. After seeing NS's, I would say it's a great little bag. Perfect for NS.... give it to her.
  6. lol, no way, José!
  7. lol! All joking aside, it's a lovely bag...
  8. Awww, come on!

    Perja, was it an exotic? I think it would make an adorable bag for going out!
  9. No, it was an ordinary leather. Smooth leather... Swift perhaps?
  10. If it looks great on you and you have the funds why not? I would love to see this baby on you, I´m sure you would carry it well:nuts:
  11. I say snap it up if you know you will use it often. Otherwise, you may want to give it a pass. Although, if it were a bright color (reds, shocking pink or vert), I would reconsider since it would be great to wear on a night out, even if the leather is swift and not exotic. Just my opinion....
  12. If it looks good on you, go for it! I think 25cms are nice.
  13. I don't know perja, I don't know your priorities...what does your heart say? I think what you heart says is very important, because you'll find a use for anything that you really really fall in love with. The only thing is that i don't think you should let the rarity of the bag influence you, if that's possible.
    Technically speaking this is a very small bag that doesn't hold much, but it depends what use you want to make of it.
    I say lesson to the bottom of your heart (if you can afford it. If it's too much of a stretch, then pass)
  14. Just to let you know what this little beauty holds, today in my 25cm Birkin I have: Dogon compact wallet, Dogon key wallet, large LV sunglasses case, chevre business card case, Motorola Q with extended-life battery (that sucker is large!), LV pochette Tulum (for my headphones), spare keys, phone recharger, pens, gum, lipstick and lipgloss, bottle of Aleve and some folded up papers. This bag holds much more than you'd think!
  15. Impressive! That bag holds quite a bit. You wouldn't know that by the looks of it.