Advice wanted from very flooded middle england

  1. :sad::sad:

    Last Friday over here we had over 5 inches of rain in one day, it was terrible
    I tried so hard to stop the water coming into the cottage , but had to help rescue some people of there river boat, I managed to get them back here to the cottage as the emergency services where so stretched , they rescued them and asked me to try get them back here safely

    Needless to say I opened the door and horror six inches of water all through the sitting room and kitchen , and some very frightened scottish deerhounds, Panic I didnt know where to start, we all started to mop but I thought this is silly I need to get out there to try stop more water coming through

    To cut a long story short my gorgeous ostrich kelly was in the sitting room, it got totally waterlogged
    I have tried to dry it out and am devastated to find in some parts the skin has bubbled, also there is a tide mark around the base

    I am now sat here worried as the insurance man is coming along tommorow
    Question is do I accept if he says just to take it to hermes for refurbishment?? I frankly cant see how they can get rid of the bubbled leather , also a couple of the dots are coming loose were the feathers would have been

    there is some loss to the color also

    the water was foul from ditches and fields also of the lane so very nasty due to sceptic tanks overflowing etc

    am so concerned the bag is insured but I just dont know how to handle the insurance man I am such a soft touch
    what would you do ladies??
    advice would be so appreciated
  2. Oh Ardneish, this is a terrible story. I am very sorry this happened to you.

    If your bag is insured then it would probably be a matter of having a written report from Hermes as to whether or not the bag is salvagable. If they say they cannot refurbish then I would imagine your insurance should cover its replacement.

    I think your insurance company will need the wirtten assessment of damage though.

    What a kind and brave neighbour you are to save people from their boat.
  3. thankyou handybags
    I have never seen anything like it
    60 people had to be airlifted from a village a few miles away
    over 30000 people still have no water

    my neighbours kindly put the people up from the boat as I was too flooded to cope

    Your advice makes sense , I just felt really low tonight I have spent all week just trying to clear up , sentimental photos that can never be replaced have all got stuck together

    and to see my pride and joy all bubbled and dirty , well there is so much worse going on in the world 3 people lost there lives here because of the floods and a mother went into labour and lost her twin babies as she had to be airlifted and had gone into early labour
    so guess my bag is not that big a thing really

    thankyou again
  4. Ardenish, so sorry to hear your story. I agree with Handybag about the written letter from Hermes. With that your insurance company should cover it. I am a believer that good things happen to good people. You have CERTAINLY done a good deed so will be rewarded. Good luck and keep us posted.
  5. Oh ardneish, I'm so sorry, BIG big hug, i can believe you are horrified, the bag is insured, I'm sure it will all work out, but how sad for you beautiful bag.

    What heroic you were!!! All that rain falling, I hear from my family in Holland, it's been raining & raining for weeks, lots of houses got flooded too. I really hope it is over.
  6. oh, I am so sorry to hear about this!! I am glad you and your precious pups are safe, I am so sad to hear of the other losses of life and homes.

    And your poor kelly. Perhaps also Hermes will give you a written estimate of replacement cost, in the special circumstance. Oh dear!!

    {{{{hugs, B}}}}
  7. I am so sorry to hear about this situation. You are a true TPF member though worried about your H over your other belongings. You shouldnt have to fight to get insurance to pay for the bag. Just list it along with everything else that is damaged, I highly doubt they are going to inspect every single item you list.
  8. OMG, how awful! I am really sorry to hear about all the damage. I am sure H will provide you with a letter to submit to your insurance company for a full claim.
  9. Ardneish - My heart sunk just reading the title of this thread. I am so sorry about everything you have to get through. Do take the advice from the posts above. I am sure everything will work in your favour eventually.
    We are here for you if you need anything else.

  10. Oh my God that is so awful! I am glad you and the hounds are OK.

    Don't be soft with the insurance guy. The bag is insured, get the price for a replacement/new one. Insurance people are hard businessmen so you have to be hard too. Go for full price, not refurbishment. They won't even know it's possible to have a bag refurbished and your bag sounds beyond good and evil.

    I am glad you're OK, this is the most horrendous I have ever heard!
  11. Ardenish, I am terribly sorry about your situation and about the other losses in your area. You are a very courageous person to have helped the way you did. I wish you the best of luck in restoring your homes.
  12. I haven't seen Eliselady or AAN post for a while do we presume they're OK and just on summer holiday? All our other UK members safe and dry?
  13. I am also in the same area - not flooded this time, but thinking of all that were. However last time we were flooded I just showed the ruined bag and receipt - the insurance guy looked slightly shocked - but they did pay. We had masses of stuff to claim for, luckily we keep photos of items and receipts in another location, and had no problem at all. Everyone was very kind and understanding, probably just wanted to get away from me and my crying children. Hope all is resolved, and hope the water (in the taps) comes back soon!
  14. We were flooded a few years ago so our hearts go out to all of you that are suffering at the moment. On the whole most peoples loss adjusters were fantastic anything the water had touched was replaced or paid for with minimum fuss.
    Take care .
    Andrea x
  15. Ardneish, I know this may not be your priority right now but have you thought of trying to send it post-haste to the spa? They might be able to do something about it. And YES! get a letter saying the price of a replacement.

    All the best to you and glad to hear you are safe.