Advice: wallets

  1. Soooo I need advice on wallets. I usually hang out on the Chanel forum but I want advice from all brands! I need a new wallet and I am open to any's what I am looking for:
    leather or very durable
    long wallet
    place for credit cards

    Help me out! I like the looks of the LV Epi....what else should I look at?????
  2. How about the LV Monogram Canvas Porte-Tresor or the MJ zip clutch? Those are the ones I was thinking of awarding myself. :smile:
  3. How much do you want to spend? Personally I like something that is soft and will last a lot of good compartments/credit card slots but I don't like to spend as much as a some bags for one.

    I bought an IF wallet and it is perfect for me. Leather is soft and high quality. Good hardware. Lots of slots for receipts, credit cards, cash, etc. This is from her collection with the Asian woven leather so it is really unique too.

    I think some of the MBMJ clutches (like the totally turnlock clutch) are also very good wallets for the money and come in some fun colors too. Leather is really soft and smooshy.

    I would avoid Nordstrom brand wallets. Mine looked 10 years old after 6 months. Aparently they don't dye through most of their leather products (and laqueur it instead). While it held up it looked really bad quickly.
  4. Get the LV Epi or in any canvas pattern. It is very durable. I have a few Chanel wallets and LV wallets and found that LVs needs less attention.
  5. Lodis makes some fabulous clutch frame wallets. I have one and it's really nice leather, holds 14 cards, my money, coins and even has space for a checkbook. You can take a look at all their current wallets at
  6. Thanks everyone for all the great suggestions!!! I am still:confused1: but I will use these ideas to start looking!!!!
  7. MJ Zip Clutch!
  8. I just bought myself an LV Vernis Zippy wallet in Amarante, and I absolutely LOVE it. It's nice and long, has plenty of credit card holders and packets to put excess papers, and the biggest plus for me at least is that it zips up so I don't have to worry about my wallet coming unsnapped or whatever in my purse and spilling it's guts all over the bottom.
  9. I just got a Chanel PNY wallet and I love it.

    I also like the LV damier wallets. :yes: