Advice: Vernis vs Canvas-Which is more durable and durable glazing?

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  1. Hi I would like to know if Canvas OR the Vernis print is more durable and also the glazing which one is more durable the monogram Canvas OR the vernis. Thanks
  2. It really depends on the particular canvas or vernis colour. It's well known that DA is notorious for being prone to colour transfer, especially from denim, as are the lighter colours of vernis while mono tends to wear like iron and DE is pretty decent unless there's a lot of friction at which point some of the print can wear off. As for glazing, it's really hard to tell as LV has been fighting with their formulas for quite some time trying to combat issues like melting and/or colour bleeding, regardless if the design is canvas or leather.
  3. The vernis color is noir on the sarah compact wallet. I am looking at the monogram regular sarah and was worried that most of the glazing that peels off is on the canvas bags or walkets. I wasnt sure whether the melting glaze was just with empriente or with the vernis as well
  4. from my experience, Vernis glazing holds up better than mono SLGs. i don't own any bag in Vernis so i can't comment on that.
  5. In this case the Vernis would hold up better. My 8 year old Pomme Sarah has worn like iron!
  6. R u able to take it out where ever you go? I am a grab my wallet and go. Hiw does it hold up in rain? Any chipping on the edges? Sorry so many questions. This is my first vernis piece! Thanks so much!
  7. I take it everywhere. No chipping. Looks perfect after 8 years. It's the best LV item I've ever purchased in terms of durability. The light Vernis colors are prone to color transfer and some even get yellow and/or fade but I haven't had any issues at all with my Pomme and I'm sure Noir would be even better! Rain? No issues.