Advice to get smell out of bag....

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  1. I have read several threads on dealing with a smelly bag, but I need some additional advice. I bought a Chelsea Flagship tote on Ebay in great condition, but the inside smells very weird. I don't know if it is that person's house smell, something they put in the bag, or what, but I hate it.

    I have tried baking soda, dryer sheets, and that didn't do a thing. I hate Febreze but I got desperate today and am trying that, but if it works, I will then have to get the Febreze smell out...I was mainly hoping it would eliminate some of the original odor.

    I am trying coffee right now, and will see how that goes.

    Has anyone had any luck with stubborn smells, and what finally worked?
  2. They do make a scent free febreze now. Maybe that will work.
  3. My nubuck Sonoma smelled when I got it. I washed the whole bag in the sink. That worked....but, I'm not sure if I'd want to do that with a flagship bag...maybe wait to see what the more experienced chicks have to say.
  4. Yes, I know what you mean about the dunking...I had to wash another one due to smell, and that went okay, but with a large, nice tote like this, I really want to avoid that. Luckily this one seems to have the smell mainly limited to the fabric lining, not so much in the leather so I am hoping that something will work.
  5. I think someone posted before they used some kind of charcoal for a fish tank... I'm not sure of what kind, but you could try searching the forum or posting in the rehab and rescue thread, they usually have a lot of ideas there.

    Heres one link:
    Here's another:

    I just googled "charcoal remove smell purse forum" and several came up (you could also do it without the "charcoal") - sometimes I like searching google rather than inside the forum, but there are a bunch of threads with several ideas, hope one of them works for you!
  6. I had success getting a mild mothball small out of a leather, lined bag. It took a few weeks. I sprayed unscented febreeze on the lining and hung it outside (weather permitting), repeating daily for a bout a week. I also stored it in a closed container with some activated charcoal for about a week. I bought the charcoal on amazon for about $7. The kind for a fish tank in a nylon bag, not the more expensive ones made to put in closets, etc.
    I have a picky sense of smell and I hate mothballs, but I'm happy with the bag now. I would take your time and try some different strategies. Hopefully the smell will eventually go away, good luck!
  7. Thanks for both of the activated charcoal suggestions...I think I will give that a try. And look for the unscented Febreze! I have to tell you I can still smell the regular kind on my hands even after washing them multiple times and it is driving me nuts.
  8. If it's possible then pull out the lining and wash it without touching the leather. That way you can get the smell out but not damage the leather.
  9. I've had luck with baking soda - you can fill the handbag with it, or put the baking soda in socks and stuff it full. Leave it out in the sun, if you can. It absorbs the smell. If you have Costco (Sams?) in your area, you can buy huge 5 or 10 lb. bags. I use it for so many things - as I can't stand the scent of febreeze either! Helpful hint of the day - it's good for cleaning showers too! :smile:
  10. I tried baking soda and activated charcoal used to remove pet odors and neither worked for a heavy mold odor and cigarette odor on suede lining. It was so bad I could smell it throughout the room. I tried airing it by flipping it inside out since it was a soft bag but didn't really make much of a difference. I even called Barbara at Lovin My Bag and she said to send it in - $60. But it wasn't a pricey bag so I finally gave up and just used the bag daily for 3 months and now its almost gone. I have to literally stick my nose inside to still smell it. I expect it will be gone completely by the end of the month if I keep using it. BTW, visually, there was nothing to indicate the odor. And no, it didn't get onto the things I put inside. Its the constant use that works best in my book but I'm sure all the suggestions above will help too. I think many people just get frustrated and won't use the bag enough for an extended length of time but I think 6 months tops for strong odors but even a month should make a difference if used daily.
  11. There's a product called Zero Odor that I got at Big Lots.
  12. Zero Oder is amazing! If it works on cat pee (I use it when they 'miss' the litterbox), it should work on anything.
  13. Yes, I used it on my litterbox and my cat looked perplexed, like he didn't know where the litterbox went.
  14. I am going to get that product next. I think the Febreze and charcoal are helping some. I now smell mainly the I think that means the original smell is going away. The charcoal will hopefully get some of the Febreze smell out, but right now it seems better just not smelling like it did.

    I don't really have a great place to set it outside, otherwise I would have tried that.
  15. It may just need more time to work. It took almost two weeks and two changes of baking soda to get the smell of mint from a pack of gum out of my wristlet, but now it just smells like leather again. :biggrin: