Advice? Seller sent damaged item, I filed with PPal and SHE excalated it to a claim!

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  1. I bought something on ebay--from someone who had been problem free for me in 2 prior transactions. This time, the item was damaged, as if someone had fallen on concrete perhaps and abraded the surface. Or, it could be paint. I wasn't sure, but it was unsightly and easily noticable. I emailed her and she claimed it was distressing. It was not and it was only on one side. I sent photos of the damage. No response. I filed a dispute with Paypal--as SNAD. An hour later, she emails me outside of PPal and says, she'd like to inspect the damage, send it back. I send it back and therefore I wait and do not upgrade to a claim because I think we're going to settle this--after all, I'm a repeat customer. Today, the seller excalates it to a claim and accuses me of damaging the item deliberately because I filed so quickly after receiving the item. What does this mean? A claim for what? She has my money--over $400 and will have the item probably tomorrow or Saturday. She has $1000 coverage on the listing. I'm a little confused. Paypal is saying I need only to send them the tracking number. What happens if she drains all the money in her account? TIA
  2. you sent the package back with a tracking number so that you can prove that she received it, right? And you took pictures of the bag? It's absurd that she accuses you of damaging the bag deliberately "because you filed so quickly after receiving the item". Doh! You filed a claim so quickly because it was damaged WHEN YOU RECEIVED IT! Why would you wait to file a claim if you received a damaged item?
    I don't know what to tell you, but I do hope you keep us posted.
  3. Thanks--it was a high-end leather coat, a brand hard to find in this country, and I sent it with both tracking and insurance via USPS. They told me at the post office that because of the insurance, she would have to sign for it. I hope that was correct information. I've kept all the emails and photos and think it's a totally weird way for someone to treat a buyer who obviously will never look at their listings again. I'm concerned that she will pull her balance out of PayPal and that I won't get a refund. Am I worrying when I don't have to?
  4. That's awful! Completely agree with keya. The seller's claims are so stupid. Hope Paypal favours you.

    Have read so many crappy ebay experiences today. :cursing:
  5. Now she has the item back (since early yesterday) and has not responded to either PayPal or me. Does anyone know how long PayPal will give her to respond? (I called and they said 5 days, but the website says 10 so I'm a little confused) If she doesn't respond, is the refund automatic?
  6. She has ten days to respond and then if she doesn't it is an automatic refund. I had a seller not respond just to make me wait longer for the money.
  7. ^^Yeah--I think mine is starting to turn mean too. These thing sometimes bring out the worst in people. So, I don't have to do anything further then?
  8. Oh no, susan-eric, I'm so sorry this is happening! I don't have much to add other than you are totally in the right. The lack of communication on her part is telling, IMO. Let us know how it turns out-- I'm rooting for you!
  9. Thanks for the emotional support! Does anyone know if the seller's account gets frozen if it's escalated to a claim, but the seller is the one who escalated it?
  10. I called Paypal again. This time they told me it could take 30 days, not ten! (Last time they told me 5 days). In case there's no funds in her account, how long do I have to call my credit card company? Is it 60 days? The seller has emailed me that she's not going to respond! (I'm surprised she bothered to tell me.) I don't want to lose my chargeback rights in case this whole thing goes no where because right now she has both the item and my payment. This is so totally unpleasant! Really--for those who sell on ebay--would you treat someone this way after she made her third purchase from you? I certainly wouldn't! And I wouldn't send someone something this damaged either. I can't believe this person is behaving this way! I'm sorry to keep obsessing about this. I have been a member of eBay since 1997 and I've never had to file a SNAD complaint before. I guess I've been lucky.
  11. Susan Eric
    Hope it all works out well for you. I just cant believe some people on ebay just now the way they treat people is so nasty at times. These people obviously have no concience. I hope it gets resolved in your favour. It so crap that she has your items and your money. Keep us posted.
  12. Hi! I would gather all my documentation, make copies and file a chargeback with my credit card company. Unfortunately I had to do that once when a seller sent me blatantly fake Coach bags, after her ad stated authentic bags. I filed a complaint with both Ebay and PPay, but like your seller, she had drained her account. My credit card company was very helpful.

    Good luck to you.
  13. Contact your credit card company and tell them your situation and that you're waiting for paypal to respond. Your credit card company has the ability to override what paypal does. And yes, you will get your money back.

    Glad to hear this is only your first experience. In the future, do not send back the item unless paypal or your credit card company tells you to do so. Sometimes they need the item as evidence in your case.
  14. well i had the same problem and im a seller i was selling my brothers ps2 because he got the new ps3. I sent her a perfect working system with about 30 games that had no scratches. 1 day after she recieves it she tells me its not workin and I asked her do you know how to use it. she never answered back. the next morning I woke up n saw she filed a dispute and wanted all her money back even the shipping. I told paypal my story and she wouldnt answer back so it was processed to a claim. She lied about the whole situation. I think that she just didnt want it anymore, or her little son didnt like it.:shrugs:
  15. Geez, Paypal drives me :hysteric: with their conflicting info... Yes, she is being totally unreasonable. Especially with you as a repeat customer! I'm suprised she's putting up such a fight, but at this point it's like she's dug herself into such a deep hole she's just going to keep on digging. I agree to document *everything*, every step you take. Did you take photos of the damage? I would think that would be very good evidence-- especially if she can't provide photos of the "undamaged" item (since we know it came to you in that condition). I'd be filing a chargeback as soon as you feel ready and let your CC company take care of it. Unfortunately, I don't think you can really count on Paypal to do much, although I would think they'd rule in your favor.

    So sorry you're having to go through this... it's so time consuming, and energy consuming! You've done nothing wrong though, and I'm glad you're not going to let her take advantage of you!