advice: red epi or damier zippy organizer?

  1. hi folks -- I am in dubai and went to the LV here today. I wanted to look at the zippy organizer, which is SO expensive but I really like it and i think it's the best wallet for me. i want to get either the damier or the red epi.

    so far, only the mono, damier and black epi have ever been on elux that i have seen -- but they had a red epi in the store, which is really what i thought i wanted. it is gorgeous, esp. with the new silver hardware.

    anyway, did i mention how expensive it is? OK, so i looked at every other wallet in the place to make sure I wanted that one!

    my question concerns the color. i am having second thoughts about the red. the zippy organizer is really large, and i am almost a little self-conscience at the thought of hauling this bright red massive thing out of my bag when i want to buy groceries or whatever. also, i think the red makes t look even a bit large than it is. the damier version would be somewhat more subdued.

    the trouble with the damier, on the other hand, is that i have two damier bags, and i really DON'T want to be all matchy-matchy with my bags and wallet. the damier bags are definitely the ones I carry most frequently -- almost every day.

    I also have a blue epi bag, as well as a green michael kors bag, and a red coach bag; I only carry these occasionally. would it look too strange pulling a red wallet out of a, say, green bag? normally I don't think AT ALL about clashing (or matching) my wallet and bag, but i think that is because I have only ever had black wallets. :smile:

    I don't really want to get the black epi zippy b/c I actually think that would be a bit boring to spend $600 on -- if i want another black wallet, I'd get something cheaper!

    so, it's between the red epi and the damier zippy. I'd really appreciate your thoughts b/c I want to go back tomorrow and get one or the other -- no sales tax in dubai!!

  2. damier
  3. since your first love is the red epi, i saw you get it! if you buy a damier you will be thinking about the red epi. its gorgeous! i do agree that the red makes item look "larger". yesterday i went to go see the passy pm and it looked huge in red. i will probably opt for the black instead.
  4. I love both fabrics too! If it were up to me, I'd get the red Epi.
  5. i'm going to say, epi red! its such a beautiful colour!
  6. red epi without a doubt ... simply gorgeous!
  7. Red Epi!!

    I have a red epi bag and the color is beautiful. I don't think you'll regret that, especially if it's what you were initially attracted to!
  8. I am totally not a matchy matchy person - I carry a vintage Chanel small wallet in my LV - however I think it is very sharp to use a Damier
    wallet in a Damier purse -
  9. Red Epi!
  10. my vote is RED EPI!
  11. EPI!!!:love:
  12. red epi, or maybe the blue epi? the new epis do come in that blue with silver hardware =]
  13. Get the red Epi please!
  14. I think you could get the epi. I don't think the epi colour clashes with the damier bag at all.
  15. Red Epi is gorgeous :love: