Advice re Tory Burch Reva Flats Please....

Princess Pink

Oct 3, 2007
I purchased a pair of TB Nappa (metal logo) Reva flats last year in a size 7, I remember trying on different sizes and with the SA advice, settling on the 7. I guess the 7.5 must have appeared big (can't quite remember that part) so settled on the 7. At the time the SA (@ Bloomingdales) seems very knowledgeable and assured me (and also from reading forums) that they would stretch with use - well they haven't! I don't wear them very much but did today and have finally admitted defeat. They just feel too tight, pinching across the toes, probably the length is just ok but it seems to be the width that is killing me. Or is it the metal logo that weights heavy, causing the pain I'm experiencing? The discomfort seems to be all in the front, not at the back. The SA told me that the back has to appeared 'scrunched' to be the right size, and mine do. I'm so disappointed as they aren't cheap :shame:

I would love to try again as the quality seems excellent and I can't find any other flats that compare quality wise so am going to try again! This time though will have to order online as there is no TB stockist near me. If I go for the 7.5 this time, will it be wider across the toes, as well as length? Are the Tumbled and Tonal versions the same sizing as the Nappa flats?

TIA! (P.S. my husband is not impressed as I went on about getting these shoes for ages lol)


Jun 4, 2006
Hmm... if you go up to 7.5, I think the width will be the same. The length will be longer which may accommodate the front as well, but technically, it's still a B width.

I have found TB's flats to be generally uncomfortable, especially the ones with the metal logo. I bought her shoes once... returned them immediately.

My rule now is that if a shoe is not comfortable to start with, I'm not going to waste my time and energy *trying* to make them work. I think it defeats the purpose of buying expensive shoes.