Advice re: Pompon

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  1. Can I please see mod shots re: the difference between the regular and mini Pompon on shorties? (I'm 5'1"). My latest crush...but not sure of size, I really need to see it on a body! (There are only two sizes, correct?) TIA!
  2. Hi there! You got my pompon bug too eh? (Mine sort of went away, thank goodness, because I have no money hahahaha). But then the bug changed to a metallic silver (gris aluminim) bug. HA!


    Yes, there are two sizes. Big (discontinued) and small. I am not a shorty so I can't help you with mod shots but I hope someone can assist!

    Good luck!!
  3. I think I've seen a couple of those gris aluminum bags for sale recently, very cool!
  4. I've found the lovely dragonette's post of her rocking her mini Pompon...any petites out there with a mod shot of the larger size?
  5. I've never owned the larger size but my friend used to and it is a seriously Big Bag... think of Day and multiply by 3!
  6. I have the large too. Hold on!
  7. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461692052.916656.jpg





    I use my Sorbet mostly for traveling! It's a little big for my daily use. ️
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  8. Some more mini shots for reference:




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  9. Thanks, I love big bags...but there 's a limit...:P. dragonete's looks gorgey!
  10. It does indeedy - and not as big as it looked on my friend Lol!

  11. It flops if it's less full and really puffs up if you stuff it. It can get really round!

  12. You are most welcome! ️
  13. Hi muchstuff, i used to owned Pompon in GGH. It's gorgeous in G21 but it's just too heavy! Almost 2kg when empty. Thus i sold it away. It's capacity is big. So it will be really heavy if you load it up. It may be good as a occasional bag, but not a daily bag IMO, unless its classic hardware perhaps??

    As for Mini Pompon, it's one of my favorite. What i can carry in a City, i can carry in a MP. It has few ways of carrying too. By hand, on shoulder or cross body. Go for the G12, it's really gorgeous & more classic looking too!

    Good luck in your finding ;)

  14. Thanks peace, I'll start with the mini and see... I don't carry a lot these days, but I love the huge expanse of leather on the larger bags...:P