Advice re. new Anthracite City, please

  1. I've just taken delivery of my new Anthracite City and I'm delighted with the leather and the colour, but there is a fold mark in the leather across the whole of the back of the bag. To me it's very noticeable and I'm unsure now what to do. Will the crease disappear with use? Or should I treat it with a care product? I'm reluctant to send it back, since I struggled to get a new one here in the UK. Most stores are now out of the anthracite City. I'd really appreciate any advice, if anyone has come across this problem before. Many thanks.
  2. If it is as soft as mine, the fold will quickly go away once you use it and put some weight in the bag. There are so many soft lines it it, it will blend right in .
  3. I have a crease on the front of my bag, right above the zipper. I've only had the bag about 6-8 wks, but I notice that it's slowly beginning to disappear.
  4. As you break the bag in, the lines will smooth out. I noticed that on my Olive Day, which is the most broken-in of my bags.

    If you love the bag otherwise, I'd suggest you just keep it and start carrying full water bottles around to speed up the process if it bothers you!
  5. Can we see pics?
  6. I had that exact thing with my marine - it has now completely gone