Advice re Ivory Patchwork Stam

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  1. Hi! I am considering purchasing a patchwork stam in the ivory (or beige?) color. I'm a little reluctant to pull the trigger cause it's so pricey, so I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts? Or actually has one, and could tell me what they think?

    Is the bag heavy? Is it hard to keep the white leather clean? Any thoughts on whether the patchwork design will be in style for a while? Also, I was thining about the small patchwork stam in the same color, but can't find it online anywhere... has anyone seen it?

    Thank so much for any help!
  2. I'm not sure if patchwork will be in style forever, but it will definitely be unique forever. Stams are generally considered heavy, and I think patchwork will probably weigh the same as a regular quilted stam with canvas lining.

    As for cleaning, white leather should stay clean as long as you maintain it regularly.