Advice re holidays and Lady Dior bags

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  1. We are going away soon to France and I was going to pack my Lady Dior in the case but tried this not long ago on a weekend visit and it was squashed when I got to the hotel.

    As the bag would be in the case for at least 8 hours plus (flights, waiting at airport etc), I dont want it really squashed again ......

    Anyone packed theirs and it was ok?? Thought of stuffing it with socks etc?? Other than that, I would have to carry it with me on the day ..... but its not big enough for all the cr*p I carry on the day we fly!!!

  2. have u tried packing clothes inside the bag ? like rolling up tshirts, socks, etc ... then you don't lose the space inside the suitcase and it won't be so squashed...
  3. I store all of my bags with the clear airfilled packing bags that come in shipping cartons. It doesn't add any weight and helps the bags keep their shape. Of course, if too much pressure is exerted on them, they will pop! Have a fabulous trip!
  4. I stuffed the 'head part' of my sloppy straw hat with socks and underwear; and it worked pretty well. Maybe it works for bags too... ;)
  5. I stuffed my bag so it holds the shape. I also wrap my handbag with clothes to protect the outer layer of the bag.
  6. i actually bought a lv neverfull for that reason, now when im flying i just put my lady inside LOL kinda sad :sad:
    but the same thing happened to me at xmas and it was out of shape for ages
  7. You're maybe on your holiday now, hope you're enjoying it if you are. I always take a really big bag or a small case as my carry on and put all my bags in that. I have packed my E/W Lady Dior in a checked in case though and it's been fine but then that's a more rigid shape...
  8. UPDATE - back from France. I stuffed the bag with various things going there and coming back and the bag is fine - we packed it in hubbys onboard luggage - whew!!!!!

  9. what did you get in france, girl?? spill!!!!:nuts: