Advice re Chanel Fine Jewelry

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  1. Just discovered Chanel fine jewelry while vacationing in the US as the Canadian boutiques don't carry fine jewelry. I fell in love with the Camelia pink gold and diamond earrings (small size) and was going to buy them but they didn't have the matching necklace yet (and I prefer matching earrings/necklace set).

    I just found out that our local boutique can make special orders on fine jewelry. Does anyone have pics of small vs large Camelia pendant I can compare? They only were able to show me pics of them (without dimensions)- the small was approx 8K and large 13K. I would like to order but don't know which one- am leaning towards the small... TIA!
  2. Also... Don't know anything about price increase and how often these happen for Chanel fine jewelry or by how much so info on this would be appreciated as well. Wondering also of such stock at Heathrow as we go every year to London...