Advice re: buying from overseas?


Gotta' keep on tryin
Dec 7, 2006
I am a newbie, but I have done my homework on trying to buy designer bags, at "reasonable" prices. I've heard horror stories about buying bags from overseas, and the "customs" problems.

Can anybody tell me if customs is still a problem, and do any of these overseas sellers follow through with their orders?

I am working on a small budget, and I cannot afford to get burned. Heck, if I could get a couple bags just for my use, I would be happy.



Jan 25, 2006
I've purchased from Japan and Hong Kong and have had no problems. Both were legit sellers with great feedback. Where are you planning to purchases these overseas bags from? If from ebay, it's important to look at their feedback. If there are no traces of complaints, then there's no reason for you to think they will not send you the bag.

If you're located in the US, I don't think customs should be a real big concern. I've never been charged any customs fees on my oversea purchases. Hope that helps!


Aug 31, 2006
I've also bought from HK and Japan. I've only had 2 domestic transactions with designer bags; I think American sellers ask too much (the "closest" international seller I've dealt with was in Canada). It sounds like you're doing the right thing so far. Make sure you check out feedback, check out all the pictures on the auctions, and make sure you WANT the item the seller is offering (because returns can be a pain).

Also, I've never dealt with customs. Buying internationally - as long as you know your seller - can be a lot of fun!