Advice Re: Balenciaga bag in my bluefly cart

  1. I would appreciate any advice and quick. I'm not a Balenciaga bag girl (but I could see me quickly turning into one) however, I was very lucky this morning to get one in my Bluefly cart. Since I've not done any research on them, nor have I ever shopped for one, I'd like some advice.
    Is this a good price?
    Is this a good bag?
    Could I easily find this again at a similar price if I don't get it now?
    bronze leather medium 'City' bag
    $95600Retail Value: $1,195.00
    You Save 20% ($239.00)

    Thanks a bunch for any and all advice!
  2. Hi! I am on bluefly right now as well...20% off any city bag is a GREAT deal. I am not particularly fond of the Bronze color, however, if it goes well with YOUR wardrobe then it is a great find! Good luck =)
  3. Good for you for getting it in your cart! When I saw it earlier this morning they had a list price of $9999 on it!
  4. I think it's a great price as well. You should definitely get it, there's a first for everything ;P Look through the bbag color chart thread in the balenciaga forum, one of our members has a bronze box and it's GORGEOUS.
  5. haha! I saw that too!! Though the "SAVE 90%" was very tempting
  6. Definitely a good deal!!!
  7. MK, it's a great bag! the size is wonderful and the color is unique! i hope you get it! good luck!
  8. the bronze is beeeeeeautiful in real life and the city is the perfect size - get it!
  9. nope, I'm not going to get it. I'll release it on command if someone wants it.
  10. Oh man, I'm so tempted. MK are you sure you don't want it?!
  11. It's no longer available. Mello yello Jen, did u get it? I'm not one for metallics for this one is very yummy.
  12. hey! i saw that too!! :lol:
  13. did you get it??
  14. With the 15% code (missedyou321 - I think it's still valid) this would be a great deal...
  15. I can't believe I missed out on this deal-of-a-lifetime today :sad: It would've been ~$880 (with the coupon codes) for a $1200+ bag that's sold-out everywhere (the bronze metallic from 2005 is an in-demand color too). Sadly the stock photo Bluefly has of the bronze really isn't doing any justice to the actual color of the bag -- if I'd never seen any photos of the bronze IRL (there are GORGEOUS photos of the bronze BTW in the Balenciaga thread) and just judged by that Bluefly photo alone, I certainly wouldn't be attracted to the color. Check out the photo of bronze under bright sunlight (e.g. the Rachel Zoe photo) and it really looks stunning!