Advice re: Alhambra bracelet

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  1. I was hoping for some advice. I currently have the vintage MOP YG pendant and earrings, Magic YG MOP ring, and just recently added the long necklace (same YG MOP) to my collection. Would it be too much to also wear the 5 motif bracelet with this (esp bc the motif on the ring is larger than on the bracelet)? Or should I do something not so matchy for my wrist?

    TIA for your opinions!
  2. Oh and I was hoping to decide within the next few days- before the price increase. Thanks for your advice!
  3. To clarify: you will be wearing all of these together? Is this for a formal setting or more of a casual/daily consideration?

    I think all are great pieces to own that can be worn in many settings. However, all at once it may look a little overwhelming or formal unless this is your intention. Another point to consider is the diversity of your other bracelets/rings (ie. if you love to stack, the matchiness will likely not stand out as much).

    Hope that helps!
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    Yes it would be to wear together for more formal occasions, not daily wear. I don't like to stack my rings, so it would be the ring and bracelet on the same Hans...
  5. I think I'd get the all YG vintage bracelet instead of MOP. All MOP all at the same time may be too much but the addition of the all YG bracelet would be great to break it up. Plus, all YG would not hurt especially if you bang your hands a lot since it's a bracelet :smile: HTH!
  6. What about the perlee bangle?
  7. I would buy the bracelet to complete the set. Even if I did not have a set, I would buy the bracelet because it is a beauty on its own.
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  8. Thank you everyone! Love the perlee but perhaps in a few years... Never thought of just gold, good idea! I perhaps may get the MOP anyways and not necessarily wear them altogether then...

    Thank you for your advice!
  9. If you get the bracelet in white mop you can always add it to your 20 motif to extend it.
  10. All together would much IMHO. If you really want another vintage Alhambra piece, maybe the solid gold 5 motif or if you don't want that, another 5 motif in red carnelian, onyx or turquoise. Show us what you end up with! 😋

  11. +1
  12. I only wish I had a 20 motif necklace!

    A little funny- when I was in school one of my preceptors had a VCA long 20 motif necklace. I always admired it. I had an upcoming wedding I was wearing a little black dress to and thought, "I've been working so hard, I deserve to buy myself the clover necklace". And so I went to look for it, not knowing the brand or the price. I found it, looked at it, and then looked at the price and left the store in shock.... And then I realized I had even read the comma wrong and that I still thought it was too expensive! That was 6 years ago... Boy do I wish I had just put it on my student line of credit back then! Anyways I do plan on getting one but hard to take the plunge when I have to think of my two little kiddos and saving for everything. I plan on getting it eventually though 😊
  13. Ok so I am fairly new to VCA and got my first vintage Alhambra necklace, earrings and ring just last year. When you said Perlee I immediately thought of the bangle with diamonds (which I LOVE but cannot justify at this point). Before the price increase I called to put the Alhambra bracelet on layaway (along with a few other Alhambra pieces). I went to try everything on today and discovered the Perlee beads of gold bangle which I believe is what you were referring to. The Alhambra bracelet did look too matchy with my other pieces but I felt the Perlee bangle was perfect and it came home with me. And it was a little nice touch that the price actually went down by a little on the Perlee bangle. Thank you for the suggestion! 😊
  14. Let's see it!!!
  15. YAY!!!!!!
    I am so happy for you!!!
    Isn't this bracelet wonderful?? I absolutely love it!!!
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