Advice PLs!

  1. I want to know how do you ladies store your bbags? Do you lay them flat or stuff them with tissue paper? Since it slouchy i want to prevent cease. Thanks
  2. I keep mine stuffed with those clear plastic air filled thingys (I don't even know what they are really called:shame: ) They are MUCH better than tissue paper, t- shirts etc, as they are pretty much weightless.
  3. Stuff mine with packing paper, in dustcover. Bags that see only occasional wear go in their box.
  4. i've been laying them flat in their dust bags.

    that's a good idea, stuffing them w/ those inflated plastic thingies. thanks cassidy! btw, where can i buy them? at the ups store or fedex? :shrugs:
  5. I stuffed them with tissue papers and stored them upright in the dust bags.
  6. Stuff them with clean sheets/ tshirts and leave them upright in their dust-bag...

    From the advice of another PF'er I dont store them in their Box, as the leather needs to breathe...
  7. I stuff them lightly with tissue paper and put them in the dust bag. I used to also them put them in their boxes, but it became such a pain to get them in and out of the box. So now, they just sit on the shelf in their dustbags.
  8. I rotate mine on a daily basis, so I don't bother with stuffing - nor do I have the room to keep them stuffed! I keep them in their dustbags, laying flat, one on top of another.
  9. ^^^I didn't know that the leather needs to breathe, so I've been keeping them in the boxes (for the ones I have boxes for!). I'll now store them in dustbags lightly stuffed with tissue paper until I receive a package that has those inflated plastic thingys.
  10. They're called 'air pillows' and you can purchase them on eBay. Do a search on packing materials or styrofoam peanuts, and those air pillows should com up. ;)

  11. Me too slinks! I don't rotate quite daily but stuffing all of thme is just too much storage room that my husband doesn't need to notice ;)
  12. ^^ ditto!!! :cutesy:
  13. thanks for the info., monsoon! they're called air pillows, how appropriate! :smile:
  14. i'm fanatical about storing my bags properly but my bbags are the only ones i don't stuff -- they don't need it (partly because i use them all the time but also because the leather is so thin and supple it doesn't crease). i suppose if they were going into storage i would stuff them. btw, someone once told me to never use plastic to store anything: clothes, bags. the reason being that plastic (especially soft plastic) "outgasses" and can have an ill effect on the material (like my wedding dress -- plastic would cause it to yellow). so i use only acid free tissue paper to stuff my bags and i store them only in the dustbag (i actually think it's ok to store in the box since paper does breath -- i would just make sure to air them out once in a while).
  15. I store mine slightly stuffed inside their dustbags. Too stuffed and they end up looking lke balloons.:balloon: