Advice pls, first LV!

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  1. Hello all,

    I usually lurk over in the Bal forum however am desperate to get myself a beautiful Neverfull :smile: I know that I want the medium but can't decide on which one! I originally planned the DE as it looks like it's easier to maintain however I absolutely adore the Neo bags, particularly the fuchsia :biggrin: is the mono hard to keep clean? I'd hoped to use this daily as I need to lug around stuff for myself and my ds.

    Also how often do the limited edition bags come out? I have been trying to track down a Ikat but it seems like it's nowhere to be found here in the UK! Did they not release them over here?

    Anyways please let me know which Neverfull you think I should choose! ;)

    Thanks :P
  2. Get the neo neverful. The color options are cool. Neverfull has little vachetta so don't worry that much :smile:
  3. The Mono bags are easy to keep clean as there is very little vachetta but for this same reason they do patina quickly. Would you consider a Mon Mono Neverfull? This way you can choose your colors and make it your own? If you don't want a Monogram bag, get the Neo Neverfull! Good luck!
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    Hmmm How do I get the handles to patina nicely? Won't they become dark at the top where it touches the shoulder?
  5. The Neverfull hardly has any vachetta. The patina will happen more quickly on this bag than on others. My Mon Mono Neverfull has an even patina and will be 1 year old in June. Don't grab your bag by the handles after you put on hand cream. Carry the bag on your shoulder, not in your hands. This will help to ensure a more even patina.
  6. Thanks! Any idea how long the wait is for a mon mono?
  7. If you aren't set on buying a bag imediately I believe they are going to release the neo neverful in de. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I heard a rumor it was sometime this year or early next?
  8. Yoogis has a ikat right now. Not sure how much shipping would be to the UK but you can email and see.. Here's the link.. Good luck.
  9. Thank you but I can't be bothered with all the customs drama! Plus I am veering towards a mon mono .....!
  10. The mon mono is a great idea. You can pick your own colors, including the interior color. Maybe pick the colors of the Ikat you would have chosen.
  11. Yes mon mono is lovely. Great choice. Get it
  12. I've decided. Mon mono! Choice 1. Fuchsia lining with Fuchsia/grey stripe or 2. Fuchsia lining with Fuchsia/orange stripe..?
    I've seen a good pic of the pink orange combo. Anyone have a pic of the pink grey? Hard to tell the true colours on the computer screen. X
  13. Been searching. No luck yet! ;)