Advice please

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  1. Hi everyone. I'm looking to make my first purchase as a treat for surviving a really rough few years. However I can decide which bag to go for. Love all the Bayswater styles but something about the Alexa is appealing too ( I appreciate less accessible though). Any advice is very much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hi, and welcome!

    I think it all depends on your lifestyle and also your personal style i.e. which style bags suit your best? Handheld, shoulder, cross-body? Also, there are different types of leathers to consider e.g. some are structured whereas others are slouchy.

    Have a look around the Mulberry forum, threads and it's reference libraries and see what appeals!

    Ask questions; there are plenty of members here with lots of experience with older and newer bags who are happy to share their knowledge!

    Have fun choosing!
  3. I like Seaton. I prefer structured, not too big, top handle and with optional strap.
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  4. I received a Mulberry Alexa hobo for my 40th birthday and really loved it, but then I fell for a traditional Bays and saved up for it. I much prefer my Bays to be honest, it's something about the leather and how classic it looks and feels.
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  5. I am a real Bayswater addict but only use them for work.
  6. Sorry to hear there have been tough times and hopefully we can help you choose something nice!

    There are so many options though... and MiniMabel has asked some great questions above.

    Personally I love the look of the classic (heritage) Bayswater but find it too big and heavy. Others swear by them and use them all the time, so it really depends on you!

    I love the Alexa size and style, but the leather types vary a lot - you’d need to pick the right one for the weight, slouchiness vs structure, etc.

    Small zipped Bays and small Bays could be worth a look - both have detachable shoulder straps.

    Let us know a few more details about type of bag, when/ where you’d use it etc, and I’m sure lots of people will share their thoughts!
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