Advice Please

  1. If you had any emergency situation where you would have to part with some or one of your LV collection to help a family member-How would you do it? I do not have an eBay selling account. Would you do a consignment? Or one of those "I sold it on eBay" things...??? Or would you try to set up an eBay account?
  2. I think you would get a better price if you set up an ebay account, I am not familiar with consignment but that means that the seller will sell on doesn't it, so you will get less.
  3. Depending on how quickly you need the funds, I would set up an ebay acct. You can start selling the first day you set it up. Otherwise you could try consignment but that will take a little longer.
  4. Well it would have to be something serious to consider it so I would have to say yes, Ebay route would be best as the consignment will take a percentage but it can be hard for someone with 0 feedback and no poupette status
  5. Thanks Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  6. good luck and hope things work out. i'd go ebay for faster access to more funds....
  7. ebay would be your best bet, but a lot of people don't like to purchase luxury items from someone with 0 feedback.:sad:
  8. Yes, definately try Ebay. I just started Ebay myself, and I was scared & nervous and all with being just..NEW. Ya know, lol? But, if you put up your authentic bags, you have nothing to worry about. I was lucky enough to get a few wonderful people and from there you just build, and get feedback and numbers and it kinda just goes day by day. But, yea that is probably the fastest and best way to get your full money, because I used an I Sold It before for a bag and they took a big (overly big IMO) chunk out of the final selling price - I would not do that again.

    Good luck with whatever route you decide to choose and hope everything works out with your family member and all. :heart:
  9. You may have a little trouble on e-bay with no feedback. When I'm buying a large ticket item I won't ever buy unless there are at least 50 feedback or there is no protection at all through paypal. Do you know someone with an e-bay account who could sell it for you?
  10. Sorry to say I don't. I know all about the no feedback stuff-I look at the same stuff. I had barely just started to buy stuff on ebay. I guess I will give it a go and see what happens. There is only 1 large ticket item I think that I am going to part with and I will see if I can find someone local in my area for that if possible.
  11. Oh - best of luck to you. Take really good pictures and you might be just fine. Someone may take a chance on you!
  12. Good luck...share with us your ebay item number so we can bid!!
  13. Good Luck - ebay is best I think, consignment stores take a huge chunk of the money from you. I'm sure you'll find buyers when they see it's authentic stuff. Good luck again.
  14. Just wishing you good luck... ;)
  15. As charleston-mom said, take really good close up pics and I'm sure you'll get a good price for it. GOOD LUCK!:heart: