Advice Please?

  1. Ladies, I need your advice! I currently have two black bags: a very conservative Ferragamo, and a Botkier stirrup. I use the Ferragamo for important business meetings, and the Botkier for virtually every other occasion when I want a black purse. I think the Botkier is pretty casual, so I wanted something in between, and bought the Kooba Maria (just tried to upload a pic -- not sure it worked).

    Anyway, The Purse Store in Bethesda miraculously got the Kooba to be overnight, and it arrived yesterday. Hubby thinks it is as casual as the Botkier, and not appropriate for business attire.

    What do you guys think? Is he right?:shrugs:
  2. I tend to think of both Botkier and Kooba bags as more casual than businesslike. (Sorry; just my opinion. :shrugs: )
  3. Yes, I think I agree with your husband, it looks casual to me :shame:
  4. Probably a little too casual with a business suit.
  5. Thanks, ladies. I probably should have explained that I wear a lot of "business casual" when I don't have meetings -- dress pants, heels, and a sweater, for example. Still think it's too casual?
  6. No, not at all. I was thinking suits etc.
  7. I agree that I wouldn't wear it with a suit; its the tassles (though spuer-cute) are what makes it more casual. I have to dress pretty formally for work so I don't know much you can get away with in a business casual office, but I think I can picture someone carrying it with a sweater and nice pants.
  8. I think the Maria in black would be perfect for the level of business casual you describe.
  9. Yeah I think the bag would be cute with sweaters & nice pants--just not with a full on suit!!

    So since you said you dress more business casual for work--I think it'd go great!!! :smile:
  10. Hubby is right...
  11. Agree with your hubby.
  12. sorry but the hubby may be right
  13. I agree that it is a casual bag, but it is a bag I adore. I say keep it!!
  14. I say keep it too!
  15. Thank you, ladies, for all your candid advice. I ended up driving to the Purse Store (isn't too far from where I live), and fell in love with a Carlos Falchi doctor's bag in blue. This is my first Falchi, and makes me wonder why no one talks about this designer on the PF. I LOVE this bag.

    I'll miss the Kooba, but ended up happy. Thanks, ladies!!!