Advice please?


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Feb 22, 2006
i just bought a brand new burberry chester handbag and i've read a few threads about how burberry material seems to stain easily. the bag's so beautiful and now i'm afraid to even use it. how can i prevent that from happening? it's canvas so it's not like i can use a topical substance to keep it from getting dirty. any suggestions?
I really think burberry canvas is so easy to take care.
I have pink boston and I clean them as often by using just a
baby wipe. You just have to clean them right away coz stain over
stain is a pain that can't remove.
I am addicted to Burberry and I am the one who got the stains on my bag. Don't feel scared to use your bag. What happened to me was that they did not tell me that dye transfer is possible on the PVC material and my coat got wet and the nova check is ribbed and it off red dye onto the bag.
The thing is that my bag strapped over my body and it rubbed against my hip (not a great thing generally for a hang bag of any material other than black leather if you ask me)...
Love your bag it is a great bag and it is beautiful!!! Baby wipes do work great and most Burberrys work with a cobler that will clean for a small fee (my new bag is fabric so I rather take it to them than my cleaners).
Good luck...
Oh yeah just don't run yoour bag against new dark denim or new colored's just common sence. I think the main thing was the way that my bag sat right against my hip and rubbed against it. But if you know then you are 100% ahead of me none of my other Burberrys have this issue and I plan on being their client for years to come.