Advice please!:)


May 31, 2009
Hey ladies

I need your advice .. I am looking for a new bag that can be worn both cross body and by top handel/shoulder. And it must be durable and not too heavy. I have looked at Mulberry Effie Tote that I love but I've read some bad review where they write that it sags in a bad way??

I also looked at Marc Jacobs Globetrotter Calamity Rei Satchel. I think that is so pretty and classic but does it look good wearing it crossbody?? And the MJ To hot to handle hobo but it feels a bit plain..

Is there a bag that fits the description??:confused1: Or can you give me some advice on the bags that I had looked at??

Now I have a LV speedy 35 and unfortunately I do not use it very much because I have small children. I also have a Mulberry Mitzi hobo that I usually use, but find it too heavy. And I really would like to be able to carry the bag crossbody if I need my hands free.;)
Mar 17, 2012
You may want to consider the Chloe Paraty and Ethel bags. Both can be carried in the hand or with a longer strap and I find both to be durable and very modern and stylish. They can hold a lot without being huge bags and neither is very heavy to me. The straps allow for shoulder carrying but not really full cross-body use.