Advice Please!!!

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  1. I just got my new Tivoli PM today and I am sad to say that this bag is not going to work for me :sad: First of all, the bag is too small. I think I really need a shoulder bag instead of a hand-held bag. I am also leaning to getting something in Damier but I don't know what. Any advice???TIA
  2. Oh sorry to hear that! I love my Trevi but know it is not for everyone. Have you tried on sone of the Danier bags to see which you gravitate toward?
  3. If you want a shoulder bag, maybe the Stresa? That one's quite pretty and looks very functional. My only Damier bag is a NF MM, which is quite functional as well, but it doesn't zip up.
  4. Well, I live in New Mexico so we don't have a LV store. I just order online so I can't see how they fit. I'm just not sure of the Trevi. I usually dress very casual, jeans and tees...not sure if it would fit my style.
  5. Does anyone know if the Saleya PM can be carried on the shoulder?
  6. Stresa or Cabas Rivington?
  7. Maybe you should try trevi I you like the tivoli style. It works well as a shoulder bag too and is more spacious. Try rivington gm too.
  8. If you want a damier ebene shoulder bag I would recommend the Rivington GM, Rivington Cabas Tote, NF, or Trevi.
  9. maybe trevi or neverfull
  10. What about the Tivoli in GM?
  11. Trevi or Sistina.
  12. I have the Saleya PM. It will fit on the shoulder, but I never carry it that way for extended periods of time because it sits right under my arm. It's not really designed to be a true shoulder bag.
  13. How about an ebene speedy 35? For shoulder bags maybe the Verona MM
  14. Trevi. It has pleats like the Tivoli, can be hand held or carried on the shoulder.
  15. The drop of the Saleya PM is too short to wear on the shoulder...Not unless you're very tiny. I have the Saleya MM, and am plus size, and can wear it over the shoulder.