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  1. Hi there, I would like to ask your advice/recommendations for an upcoming purchase. I have quite a number of monog. pieces, but was thinking of going for a Neverfull in Damier, but now that the Roses Neverfull have come out, I am undecided again, lol. Also was wondering about what size to get--either MM or GM. I am petite, 5'2 but currently a bit heavier than ideal, lol, so I any suggestions on the size also would be appreciated. Also I was wondering if the Hamstead in Damier Ebene in the larger size would be a good everyday bag for a bit more formal places than the neverfull, like nice restaurants for lunch and LV shopping etc, lol!! ;) BTW, I am in my late 30's, so am concerned the Roses NF might be too cute/young for me?
  2. My best advice is to A) figure out what your going to be carrying around in the bag, and B) try them on to see how they look, feel, etc.

    I know in my case, what I like on the shelf/manikin/hanger doesn't always translate to liking it when I try them on me.
  3. Thank for your reply. I understand what you are saying about trying them on first. I have tried on the Neverfull in MM and GM in the monog. and Damier, but not in the roses yet. I think the MM is probably a good size for me since I'm so short, lol, but just wanted to be sure, and also was wondering about which canvas to go for, Damier or the Roses. I haven't tried on the Hamstead yet though, I guess I'll have to do that next.
  4. I think MM would be best for you. I have GM, but I'm quite tall so for me it's the OK.
    As for the designe, I think you should pick the one that would go best with your wardrobe. If you love rose collection I would say go for it. You aren't to "old" for it, besides you do know how cute bags women wear in Japan, so you don't have to worrie about it. Besides, the rose is limited. You mey regret not getting it in the future and Damier will alvays be there!

    Anyway, good luck with your decision!
  5. Thank you so much for your reply Dollfie-lover :biggrin: I am LOL because you are absolutely right about cuteness here in Japan, lol. Another thing is it is really quite expensive here (the roses) and so I guess I have to decide if I love it enough to spend so much just for a Neverfull, instead of a traditional LV bag design, you know? I appreciate the advice very much. I will go into Tokyo on the weekend and see if I can try out the roses.
  6. Yes, the prices in Japan are quite high. I think that going to the store and trying it on will be the best idea. I have never bought a bat that I wanted oryginally as far :P
  7. I'm inclined to say Damier NF MM. Hampstead MM never appeals to me as a shoulder bag as I feel it is too heavy (a no-no for shopping!), and I don't like its stiff straps and bottom. I have the PM though and use it as a handheld bag, which works well for me. Have you considered the Galliera? That's one great functional shoulder bag IMO.
  8. I love the Roses collection. I don't think your ever to old for that. Its beautiful and elegant looking. But if your not comfortabe with getting one then my suggestion is the Hampstead. I bought the Damier Neverfull and although I like the bag I am returning it because, I don't really like the open top, the thin straps and because I am also a little heavier than ideal and the straps do not fit over my shoulders comfortably or easily, I bought the MM but the straps on the GM were the same size. I suggest going to the boutique and trying them all on to see which works best for you. GL!!
  9. I am 5.2 also and Have the gm. I love it couldnt ever think of ever buying a mm now. I would def get the gm
  10. If you were considering a Neverfull at all, go and try on the Roses MM as soon as you can.
    The MM is the perfect everyday size, and the Roses print give is that extra bit of oompf that allows you to take it out from day to night. (Not formal, but fun & funky.)
    I don't think the print is too "young" at all, and I'm in my late 30's. I've worn it with everything from a brown jersey dress to nice jeans.

    Plus, I use an organizer in my purses and Neverfulls - it makes it feel more secure and much less like a bin.
  11. The Roses are fun and I definitely don't think you're too old for it!
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    Thanks everyone for your great comments and helpful recommendations/suggestions. I do actually have a Galleria, in the smaller size (which is still quite huge actually) and I love it but I don't take it out everyday because I like my vachetta nice and light and it rains a lot here where I live. I wouldn't mind if a NF vachetta got dark because I think it is a more casual bag, you know. I will go and try the Roses on asap and then decide. As for the Hamstead, I was actually thinking of using it as a "car" bag, you know, when I'm in my car and can just leave it on the seat while I'm travelling around and doing errands, and use it on my wrist for when I get out and stuff, not for when I go serious shopping, just light shopping, you know, lol. I should have been clearer, I am considering getting two bags, the NF for more serious shopping and casual everyday stuff and the Hamstead for lunch and light window-shopping and car errands and stuff, but I just wasn't sure if the Hamstead would be good for that or not. I usually insist on zippers but for a car bag, a zipper would be a pain I think, and an open style would be convenient and I wouldn't have to worry about my nails going in and out of the bag to get things.
    BTW, any wallet recommendations for the NF? I usually use a Sarah monogram wallet but also have a smaller MC one. I also have a vernis amarante zippy coin/key purse thing--I wonder if that would go with the Damier? I like the idea of clipping something somewhere to the NF that contains important things like money and Credit Cards.
    Queenmab, that is a great idea about an organizer for the NF so it doesn't seem like a bin (LMAO!), may I ask what kind/brand of organizer you use?
  13. I think the roses nf is really stunning.....I don't think you're too old for it! :nogood: I have damier nf mm and love it. I am 5'2" also....I have attached pomme cles to the strap and the red is a nice pop of color on the outside of the can hold credit cards or cash....but I throw coins in it so I don't have to put them in my wallet....I use my mono sarah wallet in the damier and it doesn't really bother me although I'd love a wallet in pomme. I also use a chameleon bag organizer (large - structured) in it so my stuff isn't all over the place and is easy to find....I don't like putting anything in the pocket cuz it can pull the side down.........whew...all that said, if you're not getting the roses nf, I'd go for damier mm! Good luck with your decision!:P
  14. Thanks so much everyone for all your help!! So I did go to the LV store on the weekend and tried on the Roses, and it was really cute but I decided I would go for the Damier so that I don't have to worry about vachetta, and all my LVs so far are monogram, so I decided it would be nice to have a Damier one for a change. I also got the MM, though when I first saw it, I thought it was the PM! The GM doesn' seem too big for me, but I thought I'd better start with the MM. I have a Amarante Cles that I'm planning to use with it, and almost bought the Sarah Wallet in Amarante too but decided to think a bit more about which style/size wallet to get for the NF. Thanks again everyone!! :biggrin: