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  1. Let me preface this by saying that I am not looking to sell on the Purse Forum, just get advice.

    I need to let a bag go. Which would you sell? A Bordeaux Patent GST or a Caviar Jumbo Flap with Gold HW (this has never been used)? I don't want to sell either, but I need to. I am leaning toward selling the Flap since it will always be available, but...
  2. Tough call.
    On ebay, a bordeaux will probably sell quicker as the colour is hard to find and it is a cheaper bag.

    The Jumbo flap will sell if priced competitively of course, but being the more expensive bag, may take a little longer.

    Guess it depends how you pitch them and how desperate you are to sell :smile:

    Good luck.
  3. Sure you can get a flap at any time but I personally would use the flap way more than the GST. I say sell the GST.
  4. Personally I would sell the GST, but you say you've never used the flap. I'd get rid of the one you use less.
  5. I would sell the flap you can always replace that in the future
  6. If you haven't used the flap that would be the one I would sell if it were me. Seems like it would be easier to replace since it will always be available.
  7. Do you have a receipt for the flap? You can always return it to Chanel. They are so kind about returns.
  8. As long as you have a reciept they are kind about returns.
  9. The flap was from NM and I do have the receipt but it is 10 months since I bought it.
  10. It's true that the black with gold will always be available, but who knows how much it will be in a couple of years. Personally, I prefer the flap and would use it WAY more than the GST. The patent GST is beautiful, especially in bordeaux and grey, but I'm just a flap kinda gal.
  11. personally, I would keep the flap and sell the gst....
  12. I love flaps and i would say keep the flap :P
  13. i 'll keep the flap too
  14. I think you should keep the one you would use more. I have a patent bordeaux jumbo and cannot think of giving it up - the color is just too beautiful. I haven't seen the GST version but I imagine it is stunning as well.
    The fact that you have had the caviar jumbo for 10 months and have never used it says to me that you may be better off letting that one go.
  15. I would keep the flap; it is such a timeless beauty. However, you should keep your favorite. :smile: