Advice Please?

  1. Warning warning!!!!

    The following post is going to contain several very stupid and most likely pathetic and cheap questions.

    Ok, so I know that you ladies visit your Hermes stores quite frequently and I'm going to try to go in person more as well. However, whenever I'm there I always feel like I have to buy something to keep the people happy. Unfortunately, I honestly have NO NEED for anything aside from the bags. I don't even need a wallet because I have so many sitting in my drawers never used. I can't do accessories (small wrists), can't do scarves (they either look old or hoochie on me), can't do twilly (I look like a FOB in a bad way), can't do small leather accessories (can't justify the money and I don't need card holders or key holders or I'm not important enough to need an agenda), can't do plates set (don't have my own place yet), can't do RTW except for maybe a sweater to use FOREVER (can't justify the costs); basically can't do anything except bags.

    Actually, I WILL buy accessories only after I have the bags, since I want to allocate the money to the bags first as I know I'll feel bad otherwise *sigh* So ... what do you guys do when you vist your stores? How often do you visit? How long is your visit everytime? Do you always buy something? What do you buy? I guess I'm just trying to figure out how to handle this and still maintain a good relationship. I mean, I don't want to keep buying things that I don't need only to resell later (can't give those away because nobody around me understands or appreciates Hermes) ... Seriously, the ONLY thing I really need are bags and they are the only things I can justify spending on ... So how do I get around this? Would buying gift cards be a good alternative? Please don't flame me ...:Push:
  2. Kou, I go once or twice a week. I've done my share of purchasing small items and I've purchased gifts for other people as well. However, lately, I haven't found anything I like, but my SA and I are close, so he's been understanding everytime I pulled an "I don't know..........."
  3. Hi Kou

    You don't have to buy a thing. I go in take a look at their display case...ask for my SA...and have a chat. Reminding the SA of the bag(s) I am waiting for. A "hello" chat goes a long way. I have been going to SCP for many years, and this goes for all shops. I believe that is enough to say you are a 'friendly' relationship and save your $$ for the big purchase.
  4. Kou, you sound like me. Maybe i'll buy a scarf (which i haven't yet), but i don't need an armload, nor do i need to buy the accessories just yet.

    i'm in a though mode where where i'm considering even buying a Bolide bag just to establish a relationship with a SA to show that i'm serious to buy a Birkin which is the ultimate bag that I really want. but then funds go to a bag that seems to be a lower priority (ok, a lower WANT) than the birkin.

    i know i have to visit hermes to establish a relationship but man, i hope i don't have to spend oodles of money either before getting what i really want, a birkin!!
  5. I don't go very often, but when I go I usually DO buy something. I guess that's because there's usually always something I want. I love agendas and scarves and wallets and twillys for my bag. But you should not feel you have to buy something. Although I do think that SA's take you less seriously if you repeatedly go in and don't buy anything. I'm not saying that's right or wrong, but I think that's just how things are.
  6. Not silly at all...

    I think you need to go in and just talk...ask what are the new colors, any new styled bags?...etc. I always say "I'm trying to get ideas for future bags while I'm trying to obtain _______(your fushia) because that's the only one I'm sure of" (which is true). I always compliment the stock (true compliments) and I always remark about how fun it must be to work there and meet crazy women like me (again, true).

    I think, in the long run, SAs don't want to help people that buy stuff just to get on "a list"...they want to know you've made wise decisions and will be true to them and build raports. At least, that's how I would be if I were a SA.
  7. Kou, I'm very much like you, although there are other things that I like, I'm only really buying bags, 'cause I'd rather save the money for those rather than spending on things I enjoy less....But I have no problem with my SA, and I tell you, when I go there (a couple of times a month) I'm in there a couple of hours..!! I try and go at times when they're less buisy, either when they open in the morning or straight after lunch, so that I don't feel guilty about taking up so much of her time!! I ask her all sorts of questions about colors, leathers, styles of bags,sizes, whatever...and I have to say that she's very nice and helpful, and when I leave (to be nice) I always say something like "sorry I made you waste all this time"... she always says that she much prefers "wasting time" with me than running around unknown and fussy customers...

    After all, even if we buy them only bags, it's a lot of money they're getting from us, so I think it's the least they can do, and once you've built up some kind of relationship with your SA, I don't think you need to buy anything that you don't really want...;)
  8. This is contrary to what I posted above, but I do agree that after I bought my first bag, I was taken more seriously (and NOW I don't feel I have to buy...I can just chat when I visit)
  9. Ok, for those of you who go in to get something when you visit, how long do you stay at the store? how many items do you get? Would you say going in the store for an hour and getting ONE scarf or ONE pocket square to be too little? I'm seriously not getting any more scarves from anywhere at, it's just not worth it to unload them at a fraction of what I paid ...:crybaby:
  10. I don't spend more than about thirty minutes in ANY store, including Hermes, unless major money is being exchanged or something is going wrong. But I'm kind of rare when it comes to shopping. I don't have the patience to just linger and shoot the breeze with them. I generally know what I want before I go in. Like if I want a scarf, I know about what color I want and once I see a few designs, it doesn't take long for me to decide which one is going home with me.

    Usually I only buy one or two items at a time. And of course lately I have been having items shipped to me so that has cut down on my actual time in the store.

    With your situation I think there are some other factors to be considered. We could talk about it in a pm if you would like.

    Anyway, if you really don't want scarves then certainly don't waste your money on them. :upsidedown:
  11. Very well said, Duna. I feel the exact same way. My SA has even taken things out of my hand when he feels I don't REALLY want it or that it really isn't "me"....scarves or bracelets and even bags!. Especially scarves since by now he knows my taste and turns almost green when he sees me contemplating anything with bright pink in it. So, don't buy anything else you don't really want or really don't have to since you've bought enough already.....
  12. How about a watch? You can go in and get different HERMES LEATHER straps for relatively little money after the first expenditure. Their watches are amazing quality for the price and aren't TOO outrageous. I like the Cape Cod - a SS will run you about $1500, gold around $2500 and interchangable straps run from $100-ish to $400-ish (for croc). Just an idea. I just love looking at their straps - better than the leather book IMO.

    I think if they're not busy, they like chatting and time/purchase ratio won't mean too much...if they're busy...well...
  13. I am contemplating getting a watch at some point but I think I'll be too paranoid with wearing a $1500 watch to work. Gah, I am too cheap:Push:. I actually bought a watch strap that I've never used from another store to get some brownie points, now I want to get rid of it ... I don't know why I always do this type of things ...

    I've been told at one point that I don't deserve Hermes, I'm starting to feel that maybe that person's right ... and no, this is NOT my SO
  14. I only suggested a watch because it serves as a way to get a Hermes leather fix! :upsidedown: I agree with the other posters that you shouldn't feel you HAVE to buy anything. How's the relationship with the SA that you purchased your current Kelly from? I would wear it in, excitedly chat with him/her and talk about your next acquisition!
  15. That SA left :Push: . It's the same SA from whom i've purchased most of my bags