Advice Please!!!

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  1. Today I went to a vintage store in the lower east side of manhattan and found a beautiful vintage coach bag in excellent condition markdown to $80, don't worry its authentic i checked the inside and serial number. Should i go back and get it??
  2. ooh I like it!!! I would buy it for 80 bucks for sure!!! Go get it and post pics!!
  3. Honestely its not a style i'd use.....but if you think you would its a good deal.
  4. For that price, if you like it I say GO FOR IT!!! :yes:
  5. If you'd use it...go for it...that's a steal of a price!
  6. That leather looks gorgeous! Great color too! If you love it, $80 is quite the steal!!! Let us know what you choose to do!!
  7. This was one of my very first Coach bags back in the early '90's! I had it in black and I loved it. It's not something I'd use today (myself), but if you really like it I'd say go for it!
  8. When i felt the leather, it was so nice and smooth!!!! But I'm a little concern about the size, the bags i buy are usually larger. But hey, this might probably end up being my first vintage piece. :woohoo: Plus, the price is pretty awesome.
  9. This bag came out in the 1990's? I thought it was around the 80's or 70's. Correct me if im wrong.
  10. i love vintage coach bags that still say "made in New York" or "usa" in them. I think it would be a nice addition to a collection.
  11. Poonski~
    I changed my mind...I think you should definately go for can't beat $80.00. (for the heck if it...see if they will comedown even more)
  12. I'm not for sure, but I do think coach came out with this style in the 70's or 80's and they continued to make it into the 90's.. or they kept re-releasing it or something.
  13. How much did you pay for this bag when you bought it back in 1990? Lol, sorry if i'm asking too much.
  14. Though beautiful & vintage, you didn't indicate how much you liked it.

    If you really like it, $80 is a good deal.

    If you are buying it because it's "only $80," it may be dollars wasted.

  15. It wasn't me that had it in the '90's, it was ellacoach. I was only 8 in 1990, :lol: