Advice please!

  1. I am freaking out about the price hikes in September and with the Saks EGC coming up I need advice on what I should do...
    (main problem is $- I am not working now as I am staying home with my son until he goes to school so I am on a serious budget b/c my husband just doesn't understand that I NEED bags, lots of bags....)

    OK, so I bought THE ABSOLUTE HOTTEST knee high boots the other day at Barneys for $ I return them and get a new bag at the EGC (I can also open a Saks charge and get the extra 10%:graucho:) and then wear lame boots (and shoes!) from the past few years...or do I keep the hot boots and suffer with my puny collection of 2 Chanels... HELP!
    And my other issue with the EGC is that it really isn't 'saving' because I will have to buy something else with the EGC....
    In Need of Chanel Therapy
  2. ^Honestly I'd go for the bag. Bags last longer (assuming you take care of them). Plus the re-sale value is a lot higher than if you were to sell your used boots. Oh yeah, and you can pass bags on to your daughter (if you have one?).
  3. Hmmm that is true. Hmmmm:graucho:
  4. I love bags, and shoes so that would be a hard decision. If you plan to resale I would go for a bag.
  5. I would probably never resell the bags. I have a Chloe Paddington that I keep saying I am going to sell but it just seems like such a bummer to try to sell on eBay.

    I guess a classic bag is always in style and the boots will go out of style because the toe shapes change every year! Hmmmm you guys really ARE Chanel enablers!
    You should be ashamed!!!:rolleyes:
  6. I would go with the bag as well. You can probably find the boots on sale if you wait a few months :yes:
  7. If you already have 2 nice Chanel bags then I would keep the boots...Don't you want to look hot from head to toe?;)
  8. I guess I voted for the bag because I'm not so much a boot person (just cause no one really wears boots here in HI).

    Although I have yet to see your boots or the bag you want, so I think it really depends on what bag you want.
  9. Ohhh .... so opening a SAKS charge qualifies you for 10% off anything in the store and on top of that you also get a gift card?! AWESOME! Get the bag .... Like what missisa07 said "higher resale value". Plus you will also save before the price increases.
  10. Yup, I would suggest returning the shoes and getting a bag too :smile:
  11. have to agree-bags are a better investment in my opinion. U may not want to resell now, but u always have the option in the future! Good luck with ur decision!