Advice Please!!!

  1. Okay..I have decided to sell my Speedy30 on eBay...But I just realize that I had lost my dust bag during moving. I still have the recepit and tags but just not the dust u think that will affect the price I'm selling?? I'm thinking to put a reserve of $500 do u think thats to high?? The bag is about 1.5 years old the leather is still in its honey color and I barely use it...Please give me advice??:p
  2. I noticed some reseller didn't give dust bag unless you request for dust bag, don't worry.
  3. I have a dust bag if you would like it - I don't use mine. I will be happy to send it to you, free of charge, if you would like it!
  4. i don't think the not having a dust bag will be a problem however $500 might be too high considering you have had it over a year and a half a bidder might think for that price they can just pay a little extra and get a new bag. It would be good to look on eBay and see what the going rate is so you can get an idea of what to start your bid at. good luck
  5. ^ ITA w/ what solidgold2 said. $500 may be too high considering you can get a new one for $620. check w/ other sellers online to see what the going rate is. good luck!
  6. The dustbag won't be a problem, but $500 is too high- I think a reserve of $350 is more reasonable, though you'll probably get over $400.
  7. I think so too!!
  8. I agree with all of the ladies here. you will get over $450, i think. but a reserve not met at such a high amount can be a deterrent for bidders also.
  9. That's so nice of you! :yes:
  10. personally i would take into consideration the dustbag. i store my "babies" in them when im not using it. so i would think twice before bidding. its just my opinion though.
  11. Realli..Can you send it to me!! I would realli appreciated!! All of my bags had dust bag but I have no idea where that one went...:crybaby:
  12. So...You all ladies think $500 is too much??
    umm....I have checked on eBay some of the speedy looks like the condition of mine but sold almost $500 on ebay so thats why I was thinking to sell at tht price.
  13. I think that LV always seeks it's level on ebay. If you look at sellers like anne-bag, she starts her LV low because she knows it will get to the price it should reach & more people are interested because it starts out low.
    A reserve usually loses my interest, I know what a bag should go for, & I will bid to a fair price with no reserve, I'm more likely to skip a bag if I have to fiddle with a reserve.
  14. ^ITA, when I see a reserve I dont ever bid. I do think £250 is too much, you can buy a new one for an extra £50. Its always better off to start the bidding at a price your ok with the bag selling for rather than a reserve. Then you are always happier with the amount you make! xx
  15. That's very sweet of you!