Advice Please!!!

  1. Well...I have a pink Cambon bowler but I'm so into the cotton club black bowler now. Should I sell my pink bowler?? But, cambon in pink have been discontinued if I sell it..I might not be able to locate one again. What should I do???

    1) Keep the pink bowler and buy the cotton club??


    2) Sell the pink bowler use the money to get the cotton club??

    Suggestion needed please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BTW if I sell the bowler what price would be reasonable ..I would say the bag is about 95% new...with dust bag ...recepit
  2. I'm not too crazy about the Cambon bags...if I were you I would go for the cotton club...way cuter!!
  3. keep and buy! It is rare to find another Pink Bowler if ever!
  4. Skinny~~ Thats what I think..since I got the cotton club tote ...I'm starting to love it...I love all the cotton club line and the bowler looks better than the original bowler

    Iqaganda~~This is what bothers me..Pink is hard to find now.....AYYYYYYYYYYY.......Dont know wut to do!!
  5. Well, if you have enough cash to buy the cotton club, why don't you keep the pink cambon since it is rare not? right? But if you don't have enough cash to buy the cotton club, save up or sell the pink cambon. Hehe! Tough decision, i know!
  6. Keep and buy!
  7. But, a black cutton club bowler can be find easier than the pink one...I guess its better to save up and get another bowler but wouldnt it be weird that I have the same bag but different style:confused1:
  8. If you love the handbag, why not? even it looks weird that you have the same bag with different style! hehe! yeah, it's better to save up if you really love the pink cambon. :smile:
  9. Definitely keep the pink cambon bowler!!! It is so hard to find one these days. I just got into Chanel a few weeks ago & the pink cambon don't come up on eBay very often. I feel so lucky when I finally find a brand new pink bowler. Once you sell it, you may never be able to find it again!! I have heard that the original cambon is lighter as well. So if you need to go shopping...wear the pink cambon. ;) You should keep the pink cambon & buy another cotton club bowler. I think they look different enough. :yes:
  10. I say keep it!

    However, if you really do need the money to buy the new bag then I guess if push comes to shove then sell it. If you already have the money then just buy the cotton club bowler and enjoy having more bags :biggrin:

    I'm interested in buying a cotton club bowler myself.
  11. if you have the funds for the cotton club, keep the cambon bowler! the pink cambon is such a fun color and since it is discontinued, it's going to be hard to find again should you wish to repurchase it.
  12. I would keep the pink AND buy the black - they are similar but not exact - and anyway, who cares :p

    I have 5 Balenciaga bags exactly the same just different colors .... buy what you like!