Advice please, YSL Muse or BBag hobo

  1. So I just noticed my closet has like 15 black bags, Chanel, Chloe, YSL Muse, Be&d and on Saturday I bought a Balenciaga black hobo bag. I really need to return either the YSL muse or the Balenciaga both still have tags hanging and have never been worn.
    Any advice? Thanks..
    I just do not need both.
  2. They are so diffrent, the muse is so much heavier than the b-day.
    I would keep the balenciaga, it's so easy to carry.
  3. Muse, so much more classic.
  4. I would keep the Muse. Thats just a personal opin. though. Which one do you like best?
  5. I'd definitely keep the Balenciaga. It's so light. It's a great everyday bag!