Advice Please - worried about buying looted/stolen purse

Sep 22, 2019
I need some advice, please.

Found a bag I really want on Tradesy for $500 less than the usual $2000 retail price. Current bag, not hard to find. Advertised as 'New With Tags'. Seller says they bought it at Nordstrom's, and have never worn it. I was thrilled. Then my brain kicked in. Nordstom's has a generous return policy, so if the bag still has tags and wasn't worn, why not just return it for a full refund instead of selling it at a $500 loss , plus the commission Tradesy takes? I'm afraid it's because the bag was not bought at Nordstrom's, but stolen as part of the looting of other stores. Nordstrom's website doesn't show this particular style, so that really makes me doubt the story even more. I've messaged the seller asking about the receipt. No answer yet but it hasn't been long. Thoughts? Suggestions? Advice? Am I being paranoid?

Thank you!
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