ADVICE Please! - white satchel

  1. For the first time, I am firmly undecided about a bag, totally on the fence. Usually, I'm leaning one way or another and just fall over in that direction. So would you please give me your opinions on this white woven satchel? I would llike first impressions without knowing the brand (you might already recognize it) and the price. I've attached a modeling pic and a detail pic to help. TIA


    white_on.jpg white_detail.jpg
  2. Very feminine! And, I do love white bags, but I'm afraid that I just might have a teeny issue with this one, only because it is so darned big......I know if I carried it, I would look like I was carrying one of the pillows off my bed. I think I would like it just a wee bit smaller.
  3. hi! i'd have to agree with compass looks very big...i'm just not totally in love with it...maybe if you can't totally decide, it's because you're not totally bowled over by it? hth!
  4. I agree with Compass Rose too. The bag looks a tad too big...
  5. I think it is a little too big, especially since you have a small frame... might be better in a slightly smaller size if it is available.
  6. its so cute. love style and size. I would say its a keeper.
  7. I think it's adorable, but it looks a bit overpowering on you since it's so large. Smaller (if available) might be better for you.
  8. Thanks all for your honest and helpful impressions. I think you hit the nail on the head. I love the intricate design of the woven leather, but the bag is a bit large on my frame. There is a smaller hobo, but I couldn't find it in white at this price ($85, or 70% off). My mom is coming to visit me, and she loves white clothes and shoes. I'll see if she would like it!
  9. Yeah, I'm sorry...I'm not crazy about this one. Almost looks too "nurse-y". Reminds me of the old shoes nurses used to wear! I'm not a huge fan of white. I think it'd look great in black though!
  10. This bag looks bland and unappealing...sorry ;(
  11. Okay, back she goes. My mom, who is 70, called it an "old lady bag!" How's that for a NO vote? :nuts:
  12. I like it a lot, but I love big bags, I say if you like it...GO FOR IT!
  13. I've gotta agree with your mom...
  14. It's nice but I feel like it is trying too hard to look like a Gucci. And it is a bit "older" looking. If you are thinking about returning it, then do it and get a bag that you really love. They have a white Gryson Olivia and a white Skye on sale at

    It's a little more modern look but still white and large.
  15. If your mom said that then it definitely needs to go back. Maybe in another color it would look different?