Advice, please: which of these two scarves should I bid on?

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  1. I'm torn. I'm starting to crave some pink in my wardrobe, and have been eyeing this pink-and-blue Les Flaçons on French eBay:

    But this gorgeous blue Libres Comme l'Air has been making my heart beat faster since I first saw it:

    I can't realistically afford both of them, so I need to decide which one to bid on. The Flaçons ends in 16 hours, while the Libres doesn't end for another five days.

    I regularly see Flaçons for sale, but since it's only recently began to grow on me (specifically in this colorway), I don't have a sense of how often this colorway becomes available at a reasonable price. (The one on eBay now has a small tear at the hem that should keep the price within my range.) And I've never seen a Libres in this colorway before.

    My fear is that I'll let the Flaçons go because I love the Libres so much, and then the Libres will get bid up so high that I won't be able to afford it. And I'll be left without either of these lovely scarves, and won't be able to find others in the same colorways for a long, long time. :sad:

    Any advice, anyone?
  2. I would strongly suggest: DO NOT BUY THE Flacons!!!! That hem is coming unrolled, looks like well over an inch. I'm very good with a needle, and I wouldn't be comfortable tackling that. Unless you're expert with rolled hems and have an exactly matching silk thread to hem it with, you're looking at a mess. It's extremely easy to snag the silk twill with your needle and end up with runs in the scarf, too.
  3. ^^ I agree with my partner in crime gga.
  4. I believe you should wait for the Libres - from what you wrote, it is what you really want, and Hermes is too darn expensive to "settle" even for something that you like. Even if you do not win the Libres, because eBay is always a gamble, you will know what makes your heart sing.

    If you buy the Flacons, it sounds like it would be a compromise - and you would have used funds you could have saved for your heart's true desire.

    Good luck!
  5. Thanks for the advice, everyone.

    lvrjrt, I actually have come to really like the Flaçons in that colorway -- the combination of the bright cool pink with the light blue makes me happy when I see it. So I wouldn't exactly be "settling," because I genuinely like the scarf.

    gga, thanks for the wisdom about the hem. It didn't look too bad to me, but what do I know? :shame: I'm so grateful for the experience of all my scarfie pals on here. (And I'm always happy to hear from my scarfie big sister CB.)

  6. I love Flacons, but that hem will need to be repaired by a pro and that can be quite costly. Plus you run the risk of the hem job not being too good. One thing I have learned about eBay is that most every scarf comes around again, usually more than once. I don't mean the same exact scarf, but the pattern and colorway. So wait for one that is really right. Even if a scarf is under $150, that is still a lot of money that could be used on a different one. Hope that makes some sense!!
  7. Thanks, ladies! Luvbolide, I've already seen the same Flaçons, in the same colorway, on French eBay -- had to chuckle at myself, because I didn't even have to wait 24 hours to find another chance at a scarf I was afraid I'd never see again. :rolleyes:

    And Mme, I bought my Flora Graeca from Opportunities, so I'm always glad to see they have more scarves I'd be interested in. :smile:
  8. Well, I've been subjected to a kind of emotional snipe: I've found a scarf I think is so beautiful that it's driven almost all other scarves completely out of my head: this "Amours." In fact, if it's authentic, I've decided to abandon the Libres (for this go-round, at least), and am going to scrape together as much money as I possibly can to make sure I win the damned auction for the "Amours." :biguns:

    Unless, of course, the "Amours" gets bid up so high in advance that it goes hopelessly out of my range.

    Even then, though, I may just make it my life's quest to find another one.

    Hey, I guess that's where y'all got the term "grail" . . .