Advice Please: When is the best time to buy Burberry London Trench?

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  1. Hi visiting this board usually hang out at LV or Beauty Board.

    When is the best time to buy classic Burberry London Trench. Went to Burberry today and tried on lots of different style & color of their trenches. I want to get the Buckingham model in trench color. It's the one that looked the best on me.

    I am trying to get one on sale either at Burberry, NM, Bloomingdales or Nordstrom. How do I go about stalking one and when is the best time to buy?

    Did not have luck at outlet. My outlet only seem to have fashion trenches no classics styles.

  2. I'm also looking to buy a burberry trench- the buckingham too.
    Here's what I've found

    On the burberry site, the buckingham retails for $1395 USD. But, at NM, Bloomingdales, etc, the buckingham retails for $1295.

    At the boutique, they have sales twice a year one during the summer and one after christmas. I haven't been to either one of these but I hear that the classics don't go on sale very often at all, only seasonal pieces do. But, I've seen people on TPF get their trenches on sale at the boutique, so I'm not sure how accurate that statement is.

    Currently, I think bloomingdales is the best bet. They're Friends and family 20% is coming up in a week or two. On top of that, you can add 10% off for their email. If you open a card with them, you may be able to get an addition 10-20% off as well.

    So, if you don't decide to open a card with them, you can get the buckingham trench for about $933 instead of $1295. HTH! Let me know if you find a better deal! I'm definitely in the market to purchase one very soon.
  3. Thanks for replying to my post. I will let you know if I find a better deal. I think for now Bloomingdales is the way to go.

    I Bloomies site I only see the honey color available do you know if they have the trench color in store or if it can be ordered?

  4. are you looking for the black colored buckingham? I know the bloomingdales near my house has burberry trenches- i tried them on last weekend. And I know they can be ordered too. But, keep in mind that if you order in store, you won't be able to get the 10% email discount because that can be used online only.
  5. No, not black. The color is "trench" it is the light stone color. Burberry calls it "trench". Sorry if I confused you. Online only has "honey" color. I did not see "trench" color available.

    I will check if my local Bloomingdales has that color or can order it for me with the discount.

    What color are you interested in?
  6. I'm interested in the honey color. I'll probably purchase it as soon as the F&F starts. But the trench coat by zara is so tempting because it looks sooo similar...
  7. When does F&F start? Now looking at either Buckingham or Marystow.

    I know the Zara is tempting. I was considering it last week but I feel it would only last one season,while the Burberry is for years.

  8. I'm pretty sure it starts on the 27thh..sometime this week!
  9. It started today!!! :smile:
  10. I ordered yesterday from Bloomingdales. Got both the Buckingham in Honey and Marystow in Trench. Anyone know the difference between the two? I got them both in case i regret when I receive it, but probably will return one of them once i get it.
  11. I don't have experience with the Buckingham but I have the Marystow in black and trench. I like it because it is petite friendly. It's just the right length for me. It doesn't overwhelm my small frame. I'm 5'3" 110 lbs.
  12. What color would you get 1st, trench or black? Which color do you use the most?
  13. really? Is it still on?
  14. thanks for the reply. which color do you think is more useful? black or trench?
  15. I have the Kensington in Trench, see here:

    While black is an awesome colour that is good with any outfit, I really love my Trench colour, just because it is the classic trench coat colour and it really does go with everything. You can wear Trench colour in the spring, summer, fall and winter, whereas the black might be more of a fall/winter colour. I have a black double-breasted wool coat, which is also another reason why I got the trench and not black.