Advice Please..What Christening Gift?

  1. Sorry wasn't sure if this should go in GD or here but figured the Mommies would have the best advice!

    My Nephew's Chrsitening is in a couple of weeks and Bf & I are Godparents.

    I need a Christening gift but I'm not sure what to get. Does any one have any suggestions?

    So far I've only thought of the usuals silver money box, silver birth certificate holder etc.

    Do you think these are the best idea or can anyone think of anything a little more unique/special?

    His name is Joel he's 6 months.
  2. A children's bible or prayer book is always nice, especially since then you can add a nice inscription. A rosary is nice, too.
  3. I had this same problem about 2 weeks ago. I didn't know what to get my friend's daughter for her baptism. I ended up getting a beautiful silver picture frame engraved with her name and the date of the event. Maybe you can do something similar. Things Remembered has some great gifts!
  4. You want to be careful with things like crosses and prayer books, because I promise you, that's the first thing everyone thinks of when they think Christening gift.

    A website offering suggestions said the gift should be something that can be a keepsake of the baptism.

    Maybe a keepsake piggy bank?

    Tiffany's has some cute earthenware baby banks. (For your nephew, I love the duck!)
  5. I don't know about the UK, but here in the states, I received savings bonds and things for my son's financial future (not cash)....just an idea!!

    p.s. also recently one of my friends received a gift certificate to a formal portrait studio....
    not really religious gifts, i know, but trust me, your godson will receive tons of religious items!!
  6. It's customary here for the godmother or godfather to give a bracelet to the baby with their name engraved on it.

    You could also buy a savings bond for the baby, that could be put away until he is of age.
  7. That's true, but as godparents, personally I would want to stick to something religious.
  8. great suggestions keep them coming.

    travelbliss when she was pregnant I had her scan put on a canvas and she had some photos done after he was born so that one is pretty much covered but otherwise it was a great suggestion
  9. What about a Star!!!!! You can buy a star and have it named after the child, you get a certificate which shows you where the star is etc.
  10. oopps I should have said I got that when he was born LOL
  11. I like the child's bible with the name engraved on it.
  12. A white Precious Moment bible:smile:
  13. royal doulton bunnykins things are really popular for christening gifts right now. i just got the spoon knife and fork set and a bowl and egg cup for my cousins little girls christening (even though shes still being brestfed lol)
    or fenwicks have cute dior things if you want something a little different.
    or take a look at the tiffany website, they have rattles and things.
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  15. For my twins baptism the godfather got my son a gold necklace with a cross, and my daughter a gold bracelet with a Saint Anthony charm. Most of the other guests gave cash gifts, which we opened savings accounts for them with.